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  1. Because the general public is scientifically illiterate and no one will be excited by that. The whole premise of being able to bring dinosaurs back to life is unfounded as well
  2. I went to college for music and I also teach, but I am very much against following conventions. I would say that music theory is good to know so you can quantify what you created after the fact and relate it to another musician so you can have a band play and not take an eternity to get everyone to play the piece of music. It actually frustrates me to work with other guitar players and bass players who I have to walk through fret numbers and strings with. I just want to be able to say "play a B flat minor" and they know what to do without needing every note tabbed out. I also prefer to work with vocalists to whom I can say "sing the 3rd above his note" and there's and understanding of what's being asked of them. There is also the idea that music theory is really just the study of how the ear perceives a cluster of pitches (a harmony), and knowing if a pitch is going to be missed if it isn't there. Additionally, in mixing, music theory is important because it can help answer questions like "why does this bass noodling sound like garbage under these complex chords that the guitar player is doing"
  3. espnmarshall


    You know I've known a lot of people to hate on GTA on and off, and I used to teeter. But, compared to a lot of other big-studio games, it's one of the most consistently great franchises out there; It's always amongst the better sandbox games, it always has a good story to it, and it has moments that are frustratingly difficult akin to Indie and oldschool titles, and NOT because of shitty gameplay mechanics. I loved Skyrim (oh, the lost productivity) and feel that it really just the secret biography of Ronnie James Dio ("shouts" at dragons, kills the king of dragons on the top of a mountain, pretty obvious). AVP more often than not makes for a great video game. What's a good game to get into DOA on? I know there were a few. Which one was the most seminal? The "third album" if you will?
  4. I think its just like with music with clean vocals. There is a reason no one makes a baritone sing a tenor C; it sounds bad. Also, the vocalists sound can affect the mix relative to the instrumentation, and it's not as though when a female vocalist starts growling instead of a dude that the band changes to playing fiddles or something.
  5. @syuurin and @soph1233456 I think the discrepancy between the number of males and females interested in or playing in the genre is a repeating cycle. The genre as a whole has an aggressive sound (obviously) which is often conflated with testosterone and masculinity. So, people view it that way. As a result, fewer women get involved to begin with, perpetuating the cycle. However, I feel that this filters out the types of girls who are afraid to do things that guys like to do, leaving only the baddest ladies to hang out! Also, as a music educator, I have noticed that the parents are just as to blame. Parents are far more likely to encourage their young boys to play guitar and drums, and to encourage their young girls to play piano and sing. The guitar is perceived as a masculine instrument by society, and so it follows that parents encourage boys to play with tonka toys and girls to play with dolls would be consistent in this. I love teaching young girls to play guitar and drums, and it sucks that they aren't encouraged more.
  6. When I was growing up, there was no music I wanted to listen to other than Hard Rock and ever-increasingly heavy metal, until I started to study music theory in high school. When you study it in academia, you're basically studying Bach. It's always been my argument that Heavy Metal is the closest thing to modern classical music that there is. Even Jazz doesn't resemble Classical in the way that Metal does, despite how snobby it's patrons can be about it (our own genre has it's snobs as well). Jazz theory (at least the theory that you learn if you go to a place like five towns college or Berklee) resembles pop music more than classical music; i.e. if you were going to cover a piece of music, there are plenty of substitutions for any given thing in the arrangement, other than the melody. In contrast, when making a rendition of a classical piece, any missing or changed notes in the piece are very noticeable. That having been said, think of how obvious it is when someone goes into guitar center and plays the wrong notes when playing Ozzy or Metallica. I submit a specific example; Halestorm's cover of Straight Through The Heart by Dio. When I first heard the track, I IMMEDIATELY noticed a change in the bassline and guitar for the opening riff. It's also been found in neurological studies that people who are fans of Metal have similar neurological "wiring" to classical music aficionados. Then there are bands like apocalyptica who, despite not having any guitar players, are most certainly metal. So where do some of you draw the line? obviously this is an ongoing conversation that the metal world has with itself, but when do you all personally stop calling something metal and start calling it something else? For me, it's not a defined line by any stretch. I feel that Metal, at least at this point in history, presents itself as "very loud, technical music, regardless of instrumentation." I even find myself listening to some electronic music and saying, "... the only thing seperating this from metal is instrumentation and the audience that is accepting it."
  7. I don't have a ticket yet, no. I haven't even looked up tour dates, I only recently heard that it was happening. I don't mind new bands. I actually have been trying to find some new stuff that I like. I see you are also new, welcome!
  8. I am an atheist without a doubt. I don't believe life has an inherit meaning. It's a double edged sword; there's no meaning or greater force looking out for you, but there's no inter-stellar pressure to fulfill some great purpose. We can just enjoy the ride until we die
  9. I love that pedal(friend has one). The engle model sounds fairly legit. I would consider plugging right into a PA with that at a show. I've been considering just using some cheap tube combo and that in the effects loop as a preamp. I've rocked the whole 4x12 half stack and, between everything being miked up and the place not being that big, you just can't turn up a 5150 to where it sounds its best
  10. Horns up! New on here myself!!
  11. Dude, I am so sorry to hear that. If you don't mind me asking, what happened?
  12. @Fatherallabaster; Korotory has been around for 20 years. I am the FNG. Check out the catalog, its a good amalgamation of groove and straight thrash metal.. Korotory - Anti Trend Machine : https://youtu.be/Vtmy0qhJROE My old band used to play shows with them so thats how i ended up in the band. And yea, i have to admit that i coach a weekend warrior band, but i like to think that im making some effort to stem the tide and i do get paid to do it. *Edit* @midi; She didn't so much have an aversion as she wouldnt be able to get it done through the school. @Gorbogorboze; , i figured i may as well really introduce myself and not just say hi. Ive also never been one to be short-winded Thanks for welcoming me, everybody!
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