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  1. Whaaat? You're missing out, man! But it isn't for everybody I suppose. Over here, you have a lot of hoopties that blare their rap music. I enjoy revving my bike and drowning out the music. The annoyed looks I get from the drivers as they roll their windows up is priceless. One of the reasons I prefer my Harley over different types of bikes.
  2. Cars are cool, but I personally enjoy motorcycles much more. Not so much the crotch rockets, but Harleys and such. I live in the desert, so it's usually riding weather year round.
  3. Sardonic


    I didn't know they had been around since the mid 90s. I'd also like to see them live. They probably don't do many shows in the U.S. though.
  4. Like trve Norwegian black metal. My sovl was damned and angels fell fromm grace as I played it on my phone.
  5. Marduk - Black Crowned. I believe it was originally a funeral song for Royalty in England.
  6. Lol I'm so fucking lost. You guys have officially confused the shit out of me... And I'm not even drinking... Yet!
  7. Yeah, the production of their first two were not the best. But to me, I found that really appealing. Among the terrible quality there was a certain beauty to the music, a harmony among the chaos that shined through all of that. When I finally read the lyrics, they went hand in hand with the music. The remake was like a totally different album tho. But I enjoyed it.
  8. Personally, I really enjoyed their first two albums, and even their remake of Stormblast. Spiritual Black Dimensions, I believe it was called, was a decent album that I enjoyed. Everything after that, I just find it hard to get into. And with Mustiss (sp?) gone, I haven't even given the band the time of day.
  9. Sardonic


    I actually just bought House Harkonnen a couple days ago and have been reading that. I think Dune is an awesome series so far. I also get caught up reading multiple books at once. Currently on book 10 on Out of the Ashes series. Also reading the Runelords saga (book 3) as well as S. King's The Stand.
  10. I think the biggest problem with a lot of black metallers is the whole "kvlt" bullshit. It's just a bunch of nonsense. Personally, if I find a band to be good then I support them. Even if they're not black metal. *edit* just read Ghoul's comment about kvlt. Spot on!
  11. Sorry folks been having Internet connection issues on my iPhone (always Roaming). Anyways, I had actually stopped listening to music altogether for about 3 years now until recently. I've started getting back into metal, especially BM, the last couple of months now. Some of the bands I like (not all BM): Emperor, Dissection, Rotting Christ, Marduk, early Dimmu, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Korpiklaani, Kalmah, Xasthur, Bolt Thrower & Edge of Sanity just to name a few. I have been branching out to other metal genres, but I consider BM to be my favorite.
  12. If you have good headphones/speakers, play Tyrannical by Rotting Christ. You will not be disappointed.
  13. Sigh is an awesome band. If I remember right, euronymous actually discovered these guys and signed them to his record label. Although they sound a bit different from their older albums,HH is still a great album. Another great Asian metal band is Chthonic. Check out "quasi putrefication" or "bloody Gaya fulfilled" by Chthonic.
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