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  1. Train from MK to Euston is 35 minutes if you get the right one. Camden, where all the gigs are worth going to, is one stop on the tube from Euston. Hence I can (living 5 minutes bike ride from station) be in Camden and banging my head in an hour. You'd never drive into Camden if you can help it, but we frequently drive to and stay in Archway which is a bit further north. As for the mountain cabin I'd probably rather eat meat than order from Amazon. Both actively destroy the world as we knew it, whether socially or environmentally. The playlist sounds good though. Work is done. Computer's going off. See yous on Monday.
  2. If you must know, I live in Milton Keynes. Which is Britain's failed take on suburbia. It's famous for its shitty shopping centre and Bletchley Park where Alan Turing singlehandedly won the war. You can guess where I'd rather spend my time of the two. Closer to Oxford than Buckingham Palace anyway. There are plenty of standalone houses, but they are mostly pieces of shit developments built by the lowest bidder. I would rather live in London than MK but it is too expensive. At least, for where I'd want to live. Living on a mountain would be my preference overall. Britain is definitely a peculiar place. You get picturesque villages dotted over the rolling hills, most forests long since disappeared, large manor houses to visit because the owners have to make a living somehow, but also presumably hidden vast estates where the aristocracy that controls the actual wealth lives.... and every city has everyone else packed in like sardines in terraced housing - although very little high rise. NP: Onward to Golgotha | Incantation (bandcamp.com) It must have been you what recommended this. It was in my wishlist and BC kept pestering me to buy it. Most aceful.
  3. Yes, one of those. Opposite ends of the planet. I don't think NZ is famous for being cold particularly - or full of white people. I find the Sulphur Aeon albums pretty much interchangeably good. They sound very similar in style and production to me. I think I slightly preferred the previous CoL...but that is another band that is pretty much interchangeably good. Will cue it up again tomorrow.
  4. I typically listen to all three albums in a row. They really should be due ripping a new one. I left London ten years ago, when I used to live just off Baker Street and close to everything. Now I live a full half hour train ride north (although an hour back late at night because, unfathomably, they slow the trains down). I can be in Camden in an hour from home. Christ, FA puts me to shame if he's willing to travel 4 hours. I balk at an hours' travel. Because. I. Hate. Commuting. Gone are the days I was willing to drive the length of the country to see Metallica, Sepultura...even Fear Factory. Nighttime Birds and Mandylion were my faves. I never actually heard that pre-Anneke album, although I knew it existed. The Gathering is good gateway chick metal. Don't listen to it anymore, but it had a time and place.
  5. Will be a good night out and thankful that the lads could fit in a visit to Nowhereshire, UK. Gotta support the initiative. Mind you, according to Nergal there are a billion bands all touring at once and no one can afford to go to everything/anything due to cost of living crisis. Yet, this is not my observation. There are fuck all gigs I can find close to home or in London for the next few months. Brexit fucked touring a bit for bands that are passing through Europe and want to hop to the UK. More red tape and expenses. Bands get held up at customs now. Thanks again David. Dick.
  6. "Really like" is relative. I think these guys are astoundingly consistent and every sound they make is cool, but it is still mostly background music. I must have listened to the newest one a dozen times and couldn't whistle you back a single melody. Still good, but The Burden of Restlessness is probably all one needs of King Buffalo. Undeath - It's TIme...To Rise From the Grave It's Time...To Rise From the Grave | Undeath (bandcamp.com) Meat and potatoes, but I happened to notice they are playing at my local pub in January, so bought a ticket and the album to prep. NP: A Romance With Violence | Wayfarer (bandcamp.com) Remember these guys? Western themed black metal. Quite enjoy both albums I have. They must be due a new one.....but in the meantime I noticed they have one from 2016 I haven't heard.
  7. The first Fight is also solid. Resurrection and Crucible are probably better than any post Painkiller Priest. Only let down by being front loaded and a few tracks too many. If you have/had a good relationship with your mother, try and make it through bonus track "She" without bursting into tears.
  8. Yore. Give him a break, he's an old man! There is supposed to be a new KK's Priest album in the mixing stage, which reminds me I really should listen to the first one again. I wonder if they'll bash out this new Priest record, since its already written and mostly recorded, and then get KK back. NP: Conan - Evidence of Immortality Evidence Of Immortality | Conan (bandcamp.com)
  9. Those words are, umm, prophetic. But where is the pop music going to come from? If an EMP has wiped out data storage and, of course, streaming services (quicker that can come, the better) then we'll be left with the vinyl currently to hand. If it hasn't melted. We have no pop on vinyl, other than The Beatles. My wife likes jazz. Which is like being stuck in an elevator for all eternity, but there's only about a dozen LPs. Many times less than the metal cache. New product idea: lead lined box and DAP combo. To keep at least some music and means to play it air-gapped and safe from either nuclear devastation or solar flare. ...although I was being optimistic and assuming there will not be a nuclear holocaust, just general breakdown due to constant barrage of extreme weather events, crops ruined, fresh water compromised. Thanos had it right.
  10. The sun is setting on the first generation of metal. I wonder if, in a hundred years, they'll be remembered as anything more than a novelty (there will likely be a record of the music, but will anyone actually still listen to and enjoy it?). When our great grandkids are fighting it out in Mad Max style arenas for water tokens. In my early morning ponderings today I was thinking it would be a good idea to get some kind of bicycle generator that can charge a DAP for when the collapse comes. More reliable than a solar charger. Also, for all my whinging about vinyl, it is still the only commonly available method of physically generating music directly from a medium. You can hand crank a turntable and put one of those cones up against it to amplify what the needle reads. Or a bicycle powered stereo system. Has to be built to last and passed down generations so the simpler the better. We might be headed back to Edison phonographs. I think there is a market in apocalypse proof music formats.
  11. Unless you were drinking 10 cups a day my guess is that coffee is not the root cause. Does your doctor give any useful advice, even if revealing uncomfortable truths?
  12. Must've listened to it about six (six six) times since Friday. It's not much of a departure from previous album and I must not understand tech death at all, because I didn't even notice that. Most noticeable thing is the typically ridiculous David Gray drum sound. But still a winner despite that. And it needs him for the 'cocke cred. So, how was it? I noticed that it was a medley of Another Thing Comin', Breaking and Living. Three of my least favourite Priest songs (well, maybe Breaking the Law is still ok when its dusted off). All tracks suffer from overplayed classic syndrome (but, in comparison to Bohemian Rhapsody discussed last week, comprised pretty boneheaded songwriting in the first instance). They may have chosen them so Glenn could play. Funny how neither Scott or Les played drums on those songs. Hell Bent for Leather and Painkiller would have been much more appropriate. Followed by In Between. NP: This is the Last Time - Acclimation Another one from Friday. I like it, but my prejudice against programmed drums is rearing its head. They even have a separate band member that does drum programming. Like, just lie like Type O Negative did and say he played the drums. They'd still sound plastic but I'd think David Gray played them at least.
  13. They're probably gonna do a Blood Incantation. Muhahaha
  14. Ha. Too late. I have implemented a new policy where I buy, sight unseen, a new release from a band that I reaally liked the last time round. I figure I owe them double for a really ace album. But, if they let me down, then they will be dead to me for future releases unless someone successfully argues their case. As it happens, I just finished listening to Blue Nothing and I did do a double take at one point early on "Hmm...there are an awful lot of keys here." It started to remind me of Dimmu Borgir which is generally not a good thing. But, seemed fine by the end. I like the guitarwork. Worm is not dead to me, it's just a little different.
  15. A random one, showed up in my inbox just now from Clawhammer PR: ACCLIMATION | This is the Last Time | THIS IS THE LAST TIME (bandcamp.com) Instrumental post metal with blast beats. Right up my gaping alley.
  16. NP - Worm - Foreverglade Happened to be listening to this right now and randomly clicked the bandcamp metal tab and saw a new one just released. Bluenothing | Worm | 20 Buck Spin
  17. D'oh. I think Apocalyptic Witchcraft did send a bandcamp mailout but was deleted as I get about 50 in any given week. Automatic purchase without a second thought. Love these guys. EDIT: now on last track. It is standard Imperium. I'll keep playing this one for sure.
  18. I gave this a go. First few bars and vocals were quite Chris Barnes era Cannibal Corpse. It's solid and I even listened to their live album afterwards but not sure how it makes number one. Queen - Queen LLNN - Unmaker
  19. NP. Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath Late adopter of MF after being KD lifer. Weird, I know.
  20. ANATO is the classic album. I still get a kick out of Bohemian Rhapsody, though I don't listen to singles, playlists or best ofs to try not to get saturated. The song is ubiquitous but you shouldn't come across it too often these days. However, I understand the curse of the "overplayed classic" like We're Not Gonna Take It, Thunderstruck...or something by a pop band/artist. Honestly my mind is blank trying to think what they probably play at baseball games....because I've never been to a baseball game. I take serious issue with "Queen was largely a singles band." It's true that even from the beginning they were obsessed with choosing the right single for best chart placements etc, but those decisions came after the album was made. The pacing and variety of moods of early Queen albums is incredible. You wouldn't call Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath a singles band. Queen wasn't either. It's all in the deep album cuts baby. Queen I, II and SHA do have a common thread. The first albums both close with different versions of Seven Seas of Rhye, while SHA starts with a seaside theme intro to Brighton Rock (a seaside town), so there is a nice segue and continuity. I bang on about this "ebb and flow" thing of albums from time to time (ok, constantly). It occurred to me yesterday that Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (the original Australian version, not the idiot Atlantic issue compiled by some American suit) is probably my favourite AC/DC album. It just tells a great story with lots of moods. Much more successful albums like Highway to Hell or Back in Black have very strong songs but sound more manufactured/formulaic. 10 songs, 3 to 4 minutes each, next platinum record please. It's why I like concept albums. Which I realise isn't everyone's cup of tea.
  21. I'd say anything in the 70s is solid, up to the Live Killers album, which pretty much defines for me what a live album should be - a double vinyl set which approximates an actual headlining live show, with the hits and some deep cuts depending on the era. Almost all those dodgy songs you name are from the 80s. Champions (1977) is maybe one of the most memorable songs in history. I don't love it exactly, but its only because it has become a cliché.
  22. Despite living within spitting distance and technically being married to an Italian, I have never been. For shame.
  23. It's cliché but ANATO is the best Queen album. I used to say I liked DATR better or Queen II or even Sheer Heart Attack. But, ANATO is one of those rare perfect albums in terms of ebb and flow. Jazz is still exemplary by the standards of any other mortal band, but cracks are starting to appear. Cracks had turned to chasms by The Game. A month or two ago a new single was released from The Miracle sessions. It was ok but a bit aimless. So the story goes, they never really recorded anything more than what they needed for an album. I guess it makes sense when you're paying thousands a day for studio time.
  24. Np: W.A.S.P Live... in the Raw For years this was the only WASP album I ever heard. I still find it awesome but was never that curious to check out other stuff due to hair metal connection.
  25. NP: Paradise Lost - Gothic Finally own it after 31 years.
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