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Found 8 results

  1. I just joined and found that lots of people hate Slipknot on here. I can't seem to find any reason except for a few people saying their masks and behavior on stage are odd. Can someone enlighten me on why there is so much hate?
  2. Hey guys! Align the Tide is still looking for a vocalist, we're based in Malta, Europe but currently signed to LA record Label Cleopatra Records. Check out some of our stuff below, hit us up on [email protected] https://open.spotify.com/artist/6I3xeldQWeyPjGZ574GiAF?si=rPjJ_R12S6eH1PINib3ydw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEgqPc1dOLs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQVuyzlAlzg
  3. I will admit that I got into metal by getting into Nu-Metal first and there is a band that I remember fondly from the era when Nu-Metal was king that was called Skrape and their 2001 album "New Killer America" that I got at a Hot Topic when I was 14 or 15 for $14. A lot of Nu-metal is looked at as being a product of it's time and "cornpone" today, but this Skrape album was actually really good. They were out of Orlando, FL and only put out one other album that I never heard but I still play "New Killer America" every once in a while when I am hearkening back to the days of frosted tips and Jncos. Just curious if anyone else has ever heard of this band and if you have, what you thought.
  4. Any Nu-metal bands in languages other than English? Spanish perferred but any language goes. Maybe similar to the established, Korn, System of a Down, Disturbed, Limp, Deftones. I've found some in spanish so far, Hidra, Kannon, Hora-Zulu, Ankla, and Area 62. Thanks Everyone!
  5. Bane


    No talk about this awesome band? L.D. 50 is a masterpiece and Ryan Martinie is one of the greatest bassists of the metal scene. Matt McDonough barely gets any attention at all, even though his drummis is insane on their first album.
  6. Hello, Lead bassist of Nil Rovaan here. We are looking for both a drummer and a DJ, for our experimental band. Quite hard to explain what we want, other than that we are evolving our ideas constantly and want to change things around, but also keep what makes us us. We love a creepy, eerie atmosphere, probably foggy stage, however we'll be going from chugging like gojira, to playing funky nu-metal stuff. We want to be more than just one thing and we also want to be able to blend these things, for an unpredictable experience. We are based in Sweden. We want a drummer that can not only go fast but also play slower technical stuff. (I'm really bad at explaining drumming lol) We do not need an expert, but if you can hold a beat and evolve with us from there, shit message us, we can work things out. We have a good idea for what you'll look like, atleast (if you're a man, that is, otherwise we'll rethink it ofc) You'll be Porkgrinder, the human pig. More on that, if you're interested, it's only aesthetic anyway. We've also had an idea of a circular drum kit, but that is only up for debate and we'd begin thinking of that later on anyway. This is all up for debate ofc, if you have your own character, or way of playign that fits the band, we'll ofc look at it all as a band. DJ time! Turntables, synth, noisemaker and ambiance player. Hard to explain, but examples would be a combination of ministry's DJ, incubus DJ and what rammstein's keyboardist does. Take sounds/samples from our instruments and shift em around like the magician you are and use em in the songs. We also have ideas to plug our instruments, most likely a bass or guitar (or both) into your mixer(?) and let you mix the sound around and make all sorts of trippy stuff. So, if you feel like you're qualified by any margin, feel free to message us and make some new friends and connections. Any skill level and gender is allowed, don't be shy.
  7. Recently picked up a copy of Kerrang and in their "video of the week" section I found these. Anti-Clone. What is was wondering was, what people thought of them. I think they're pretty rad but it all comes back to the whole topic of bands wearing mask and the comparison between them and Slipknot. However its wicked to hear those Nu-Metal elements though. Definitely worth a listen.
  8. Hey guys, Just here to share some new music with all of yous TDWHSB are a heavy metal band from Dublin, Ireland, influenced by all sorts of metal across the board. We released our first official music video in August last year and are workin on our debut album for a summer release. You can check out all our stuff on YouTube, let us know what you think and give us a like on Facebook And for anyone living in Czech Republic we'll be playing Agressive Music Fest July this year. http://www.agressivemusicfest.eu/ Cheers! Dylan/TDWHSB Music video: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDevilWantsHerSwaggerBack/
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