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  1. I guess if there is a group of people that are calling it a genre than it is a genre. At least it is for them. I don't care what its classified as if I like the song.
  2. I love all of Devin's work, except devlab, i just can't listen to that, haha. In my humble opinion Empath is a great album but some times its all over the place. It's like having sensory overload which can induce anxiety.
  3. Uh, new one is hard on my eyes. I'll try with chrome add-on.
  4. Well I'm not 60+ but I'm 40+. For me it comes down to how I feel. Some times I like aggressive stuff and other time something completely different.
  5. Hey guys, here is my youtube channel where I upload some of my ideas. Give it a listen and like if you enjoy.
  6. Hi, my name is Branislav Bosnjak and I'm from Serbia. I've been playing guitar in various bands metal and non metal since I was a teenager. I've also been listening to metal and non metal music since 90's. Some of my favorite metal bands are Megadeth, Death, Opeth, Mastodon, Orphanage, Arcturus, Sybreed, Devin Townsend in all his forms and many others. Last ten years or so I've not been a part of any band but my occasional inspiration had me record some of my ideas. I have no intention on making any money out of this, its just a passion of mine. So I decided to upload some of my ideas and will
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