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  1. On 8/27/2022 at 12:43 AM, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    Dude all bands come to an end. I think bands like the Beatles and Zeppelin had the right idea, do your thing for a decade or so and then call it a day. Move on and do something else. I'll never understand why some people want to stay loyal to a band and follow them and keep buying their stuff for 40 years or more. I think after 10 or 15 years most bands should disband and let the members go their own ways and form new projects which can often be a lot more interesting imo than if they stayed with their same original legacy band and just kept pumping out albums under that same banner for 40+ years. It's good to change things up sometimes, and I think after a long time seeing the same old faces day in and day out that working with different people can sometimes get the creative juices flowing again.

    Think about it Sweets, Metallica kicked out Dave just weeks before they recorded their first album, so he went and formed his own band and then thrash fans got two bands out of that deal, not to mention years and years of pointless arguments and comparisons. We all know two bands are better than one, right? How's about if the "Big 4" were forced to break up every 10 years? Like term limits for politicians. Break them up and then we could put all the musicians' names in a hat and have a random drawing to make new bands. The 4 drummers each get their own band and then fill in the slots for guitarists and singers by random drawing. Throw in a limited number of wild card musicians from lesser known bands. We could call it Big 4 Bingo. Think of all the cool albums we could have gotten over the years if we could have shuffled the musicians every decade and constantly had new and interesting combos?

    I guess some legacy bands have split up and tried to go their own ways (Priest, Maiden, Sabbath) and then financial concerns dictated that they suck it up, patch up their differences and get back together again so they could milk their fans out of every last dollar they possibly could. But I've gotta say personally I find it kind of sad to see these old bands from the 70's and 80's out there still trying to be relevant and stay active and keep releasing albums when judging by the declining quality of the music most of them should have just hung it up years ago. 

    Big 4 bingo. That's good. That would have been interesting. I know your not expecting a response but I like this idea. Maybe after 10 years every band must do this😂complete random combinations until they decided to do something new. 

    Kerry king in mettalica.  I'd like to hear more  darker heavier stuff from mettalica.   talica nation t shirts too😄 hammet in megadeth would be interesting. hammer Hammett would be able to cope in megadeth because imo he's a very good guitarist and he will  be able to play along to megadaves tunes and wouldn't rock the boat which is probably the most important aspect although would his overuse of the wah peddle get him kicked out 🤔

     your right we got two bands out of this when megadave left. I probably need to let if go. 

  2. On 8/11/2022 at 3:02 PM, Rexorcist said:

    I don't know why this isn't talked about as an official subgenre when we have so many key bands in this specific vein of doom: Sleep, Electric Wizard, Ufomammut, YOB, Spirit Caravan, Catherdral, Dopelord, Monolord, Spirit Caravan, Ogre and Goatsnake.  And that doesn't even scratch the surface; these were tagged as stoner and doom on several websites.  Even later Trouble albums follow this vein from what I hear.  I mean, the two flow so well together, maybe even too well to ignore.  And I was able to run a study on Rateyourmusic: from studio albums and live releases alone, we have more than 700 albums in this vein.  I'd say we got a style worth talking about.

    Pleased we see eye to eye  on this and thanks for the thumbs up. Re stoner doom who are your favourite bands? 

  3. On 8/27/2022 at 4:54 PM, VixenRaves said:

    I guess it varies on the different songs I listen to, but mainly I'll headbang to thrash (80s/90s thrash, since my knowledge of thrash kind of ends there) or metalcore. Those are typically the main genres I listen to most of the time, and occasionally, when I listen to nu-metal, I may headbang here and there. 

    Good to hear from you vixenr. Always good to talk bands😃. Which are your favourite thrash bands? Id say early mettalica and acid reign are my favourite. 

    Nu metal. I used to listen to this genre when I was younger. Not much these days. Korn, limp bizkit, deftones. Last two I enjoyed live👻 Which nu metal bands do you like?

    Your so lucky you can listen to music in the shower. I used to do this but my son moans so much. Then my mum moaned even more. Then my wife even more. So I stopped 🫣


  4. On 8/11/2022 at 11:17 PM, Rexorcist said:

    I don't know about  others, but genre classifications always help me find exactly what I'm in the mood for.  Judging by album covers would be the ideal method of guessing without them, and you don't want to be in the mood for something totally monstrous and Sabbathy and then end up with a pop album.  Hence the late and great Meat Loaf.  True, people still judge whether or not they want to buy an album by the cover sometimes, but still.

    I'm with you on this rexorcist. Most times I know the genres of music I like so I buy more from that specific genre and after some listening  to a few albums I  get one.Occasionally I want something a bit different  so quite often I look up some interesting sub genre I like the sound of and I play some tracks till I get something I like.  Subgenres just make it easier to find what music I like. It can be a bit complicated as there are always bands that are not exactly just one genre of Subgenre but overall it's a positive. 

  5. 23 hours ago, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    "Not far off being good" what does that even mean exactly Sweets? The music would be good if only it was a little better but it's not, so it isn't? Isn't that like saying "that dead man over there is not far off being alive if only he were breathing and had a pulse?"

    "They need an inspiration" Sweets they're old men now, they've had their creative hey-day and like 99% of other metal bands, whatever creative spark they had in the 80's is long gone now. There are always exceptions of course, but in light of the fact that they've sucked so hard for so long do you really think they have another Master of Puppets in them? How many bands in any genre have you known to be really good, and then be not good for over 30 years and then just magically pull a killer album out of their asses? Not saying it couldn't happen, but what are the odds? Hardwired was probably the best thing they've done since AJFA, you really think they could top that? James will be 60 next year, how many more albums do you think they will make knowing he's already worth $300 mil and doesn't really need the money, and knowing that after making 5 albums in the first 8 years they've only made 5 more albums in the last 31 years? I'd guess you'll be lucky to get one more out of him so I hope for your sake it's a good one.

    And MegaDave is an old man now too Sweets, I was just being tongue-in-cheek (taking the piss) with my fight scenario. I don't actually think anyone would want to see any of these older dudes fight. I'm amazed that anyone still wants to see them play music. But 30 years ago Dave could have taken any of them. Metallica were drinkers, not fighters.

    It's not the same as your example in my opinion. Yours is black and white where as some of there previous releases could have been worked on some more till it at least they  were an enjoyable listening experience even If I don't necessarily like the music. I know that makes no sense. For instance if I I'm walking down the street and some catchy pop music is playing. I will say to myself it sucks but it is very catchy and easy to listen to and I can see why loads of  people like the music even though I hate it. I don't just like metal but most other genres of music I like has a similar sound to the kind of metal I like which is various genres of doom and black metal. I tried listening to white metal but never found anything that I liked. But with  recent mettalica albums after justice I just find them ok to listen to but not fantastic so I hardly ever play them. Re mettalica releasing another album to top puppets. Ok it almost certainly won't happen but you never know. I live in hope. Not much mind you. Your right there getting on now and it's not likely there next album will be anything to talk about. It's a shame as they were so good. 


  6. 2 hours ago, VixenRaves said:

    I study for tests or quizzes, or even while just doing homework or classwork

    I help around the house with chores

    I walk my dog outside in the afternoon

    I read books

    I might listen to music when I'm in the shower.

    I listen to music in the kitchen when I'm cooking up something.

    I listen to music in the car, on the way to and from school.

    I listen to music when I just sit down and relax after a long day

    Sometimes I'll journal thoughts or ideas


    Surf the web

    Create some art

    I'll listen to music before I go to sleep...

    Or I'll just listen to music just to enjoy it!


    I pretty much listen to music pretty much almost 24/7 (that's a bit exaggerated, but I'm almost always listening to music when I'm not talking to friends in person).

    Good list you got there vixen raves. I most like listening to some really motivational metal on the way home from work. Genre of metal I play  varies depending on how tired I am but puts a spring in my boots to get home efficiently. 

    You headbang. Cool. I don't do that anymore because I'm just old and I've got enough injuries without adding to the list😁out of interest what's you favourite genre of music to headbang to. 


  7. Sadly my kids don't like metal music. However my son loves the artwork to alot of metal albums I have.  Who does not like the early megadeth artwork and iron maiden album covers. I was a fan for sure of metal artwork growing up. 😁 So that's the start. Maybe few years down the road he will listen to proper music 👻☠️💀he's 5 he's got time. 

  8. On 8/24/2022 at 12:34 AM, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    Dave Mustaine would fuck James' shit up before James even knew what hit him. Then he'd take out Kirk and Lars too without even breaking a sweat, that is if they hadn't already run away in fear. Mr Trujillo looks like he might be able to give Dave a run for his money, but Dave does hold several black belts and he has that inner rage that comes out when he's drunk or he feels provoked. On the other hand he will be 61 in a few weeks and he's been looking about 10 years older than that lately, so who knows.

    I liked James as a singer 35 years ago, but even you'd have to admit his voice is just not the same anymore.

    I do think James vocals are better 35 years ago but I think the vocals are more than good enough today. The music is not far off being good. I don't like the styles they do these days. They are very much a very overrated band imo for there albums after justice. I don't think there far off doing good music again they just need the few percent improvement. They need an inspiration weather it be new member or producer. Someone they'd listen to and who's interested in making quality music and not just making albums that will sell well. They seem to get a lot of yes men.

    Re a fight I agree the bassist Trujillo would probably be only member able to defeat megadave that's assuming there body guards aren't around. Even megadave would not fare well against former navy seals and other super tough bodyguards

  9. On 8/18/2022 at 12:38 AM, navybsn said:

    I'm definitely a fan of those bands. I grew up with them as they were breaking. My point was they're all shitty singers, but those bands wouldn't be the same without those voices at the front. You can't hear Dave or Tom without instantly knowing the band even if it's a song you are unfamiliar with. IMO, they make the band. You can always replace a guitarist or drummer, but you have a much harder time replacing a lead singer (see Anthrax for instance). They were never the focus of those bands as GG said, but I argue they wouldn't be the same without them. Personally, I love old Megadeth, Metallica, and Slayer. They all jumped the shark around 1990 though.

    What attracted people to those bands was the riffs and aggression. Gotta remember that before these guys there really wasn't much available to the wider world heavier than Maiden or Priest. Sure Bathory, Celtic Frost, Fate, but they weren't easily digestible for most in the early days if people even knew about them. No internet to spread the word and no major distribution or promotion in retail shops. That started to change (at least in my area) around the time these bands started releasing their best stuff. Probably different in the major urban centers, but I can say as someone who isn't from one of those that shit like this was unknown in podunk. We latched onto that stuff like a pitbull. Like the first time you hear the music of your people. So some of their continuing success is nostalgia even from people who no longer listen to metal. Some is generational because our kids heard it from us and liked it. Some is just metal/cultural because they're bands you are supposed to like a la Motorhead and Sabbath.

    Have to agree on Chuck Billy. Lukewarm on Blitz. Killian is fucking unlistenable as is the guy from Toxik. Zetro doesn't bother me but I could care less about Exodus in the first place. I would add that none of the big German bands had decent singers either. Neither did any of the second wave of thrash acts like Coroner, Sadus, et al. I won't kick a thrash band to the curb because the singer sucks, but if they don't bring the heat on the riffs, they go straight out. 

    Megadave and mettalica Jim are good vocalists for me at least even if not so many of us agree with me I'm sticking by this one bit like when I was on jury service and everyone supported other verdict but I stuck to my position. Defiant. They are unique I'd agree with you on that.

    You'd be right re music. It's so easy to get so much music these days. So much choice.  I could have got quality music in the 90s but I didn't as I just stubbornly bought the mainstream crap as was cheaper and I liked it somewhat.   Which is of course my error. Oops 🫣 live and learn. 

    Course in a fight who would win. James or megadave. And which band is your favourite of the big 4?


    On 8/18/2022 at 2:01 AM, KillaKukumba said:

    I'm sure there would be some jolt if Dave did got back to Metallica but I doubt the music would improve. Just the same as Dave dictates what happens in 'deth, Lars dictates what happening in Metallica. Lars wouldn't listen to Dave, Dave would have to assimilate to Lars and the music he chooses to play, therefore it would never happen. I also doubt Dave could tell Lars any 'hard truths' that Lars hasn't already ignored from other people. Lars' hard truth is that he likes what Metallica is doing and it wont matter who else is in the band that's what they are playing.


    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that. I struggled through the latest Toxik once and then saw some reviews and thought I must have been missing something so I gave it a second go. Bloody hell he's bad.


    Your forgetting megadave would build an understanding with Lars that there music needs to change a bit. Might require a ko by mega Dave but that's his game right💥🥊

  10. On 8/17/2022 at 7:39 PM, Terrorvision13 said:

    honestly i would go for slayers repentless, the atmosphere is just so dark and its a really awesome piece of artwork

    That is cool artwork. All those images. Had to look at that  again to see if the eyes had been gouged out. Ouch. Don't look they have.  Kind of dark. Still prefer reign in blood cover though. That is just quality. It reminds me of bosch  pictures.  It used to disturb me a little then I read Dante's inferno. Not so concerned now😉 have you got any offensive t shirts. I don't go out of my way to offend people. But I  have a few that people say I shouldn't wear. Something about some characters on them look demonic. Some people. Still wear them. Who are they to tell me. 

  11. On 8/9/2022 at 9:32 PM, navybsn said:

    Megadeth wouldn't be the same band without Dave's distinctive voice. His combination of drug/booze addled antics and flat out hatred made the first few albums better. Gave them a little fire. Love him or hate him, no one else would sound right delivering those lyrics. I'd say the same for James and Tom Araya. They are unique characteristics of the band. Neither of those guys are "good singers", but they fit. Honestly, I can't name a "good" singer in a classic thrash band. All of their post 1990 material is meh at best, so no comment there. Dave did sound pretty good when I saw them last year, but check out the video from Hellfest this year....he looks ready for the retirement home.

    There good enough singers to have legions of fans so they must be doing something right. Obviously not your thing. Who is good singer for you?  A return of megadave to Mettalica would give Jim and Lars a much needed jolt I'd have thought. Surely your with me in thinking that the music would improve with Dave m back in the fold. Tell them some hard truths when the songs needed more work or just fight. Is he still a fighter. I'm thinking yes from all the interviews I've seen with him. 

  12. 23 hours ago, KillaKukumba said:

    Oh I love these debates. I'll take "who makes Dewalt tools" for $100!

    I've never had a use for a recip saw that couldn't be done with a chainsaw, actually most jobs can be done with a chainsaw

    For that sort of grating just about any saw would work, but hey, buying new toys just for the sake of it is always good too.

    A fine tooth chainsaw would be easier no doubt. We have to go on a course to use those. A course they won't send us on.

    If I asked my manager about buying a recirc saw he would say no. So I just don't ask and buy. It's work related. As long as I don't injure myself all will be fine. 

    Yes the silly who's best conversation. One DIY person put it well re the well known brands. Buy the tool you like the colour the best. Black and yellow reminds me of batman. Yellow for utility belt and black is the outfit. So I buy DeWalt. Also my dad uses DeWalt tools and always rated them highly 

  13. 23 hours ago, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    Get their compact one, it's great. Will accept the blade in all 4 directions, can have the teeth facing up, down, sideways whatever. I've never had occasion to cut fiberglass with it but I'd definitely make sure to get the blade recommended for fiberglass.

    DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw  with 20-Volt MAX Premium Li-Ion (1) 5.0Ah Battery DCS367L1W205


    Not sure what those grates look like but if that's all you need it for you could also look into getting a grinder. That might be better.

    FRP Grating – Ideal for Sites as Platform, Stair and Walkway

    The grate looks nothing like this because it's green. 😉But that's what I'm cutting.  We have to get a certificate to use the grinder but not for a recirc saw. So that's why I'm getting it.  Your right though. Grinder would be the most obvious tool to use. All videos I've seen on YouTube are people using grinder to cut it up. 

    Good tip re the blades.👍 Correct blade for the material

    Re that DeWalt. Looks handy with variable speed, and multi ways the blade can be put in. Are you saying adjustable shoe 👟 is not so important. Some DIY people swear by them

  14. I'm thinking of purchasing a 18 volt recip saw also known as a sawzall. Has anyone got tips using these.  apparently variable speed helps, adjustable shoe is good, correct blade for the material is obvious really, I've heard gloves can be good to get a good grip, I will be using it to cut up GRP fibreglass grating for work. I'm using a hacksaw at moment and it takes ages. Course I will get DeWalt because it's the best and Def not a fancy version of black and decker😉

  15. On 5/16/2022 at 4:17 AM, Dead1 said:

    I don't think I've had a top 5 bands for a while now.  I know Iron Maiden is my number 1 and Megadeth number 2.  After that it gets vague.


    Doesn't help many of my former favourite bands have since released so many shit or generic albums I no longer regard them as favourites.  Instead I have merely favourite albums from them.

    I know that feeling dead. The bands that were previously good and then they lost it.  So disappointing with those bigger bands who changed there sound to sell a few more records. It's even worse when I pre order an album after hearing couple of tracks then I dislike the other tracks on release. Fortunately most of time the music I like is so niche that I like the other tracks more. But there's the occasional album I get and I don't like it much. It's fortunately rare to happen. Who are bands you used to count in your top 5. One who fell of my list is Mettalica. 

  16. On 8/7/2022 at 3:30 PM, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    No Sweets, pull yer head out. He's a great guitar player, but a really shitty singer. I happen to be a rather terrible singer myself, and it takes one to know one. Your hound's a better singer than Jaymz.

    Years ago in the 80's they flirted with the idea of hiring a dedicated singer to relieve him of his vocal duties. But then they figured people already knew him as the voice of the band, and adding another band member would mean they'd have to give the new guy a share diluting their own shares so the idea was nixed. But if they had known back then how bad his voice would one day get, maybe they would have taken that idea more seriously. 

    Ok we agree to differ opinions on this one. Surely Mettalica would be improved if mustaine came back in some capacity like guitar or guitar and vocals. Surely.

  17. On 7/23/2022 at 4:10 PM, Terrorvision13 said:

    i was a newborn when it happened so i was kinda just sat there mr whippy ice cream shitting in my nappy whilst the church did its jazz. when i got a bit older, around 5 to 6 years old my nan made me go to church with her, i sorta just sat there, my intrest was more in the little bars of cheese the nice old ladies would bring for all the kids at sunday school. then i started arsing around a bit, once i got asked "when should a child attend a funeral" at sunday school and i said "when they are dead"....i genuinely didnt think about the question-

    everyone was talking about forgiveness whilst i was positioning two mini mannequins in the back storage room to look like they were wanking each other off. 

    i would show upto church in an AC DC t shirt at about 9 years old. at this point i was here for fun, i never looked into it but at 11 i read the bible and tried to be an actual christian. much like your first girlfriend, my relationship with god lasted a week and seriously fizzled out towards the end. lets just say, god left his underwear on the bathroom floor way way too much. it didnt work out. he was a more stairway to heaven kinda guy. i was highway to hell. 

    Re your baptism. Now I understand. You had as much choice as my son  had when he got baptised. We won't force him to go when he's older. I stopped going for decades. 

    That's another one. Talking about forgiveness is easy. Practicing it is much harder. Re the mannequin and the acdc t shirt. I guess that was you saying. This ain't for me man😉.

    My last vicar was a big motorhead fan which I thought was cool. Out of interest what's your favourite metal album cover with a religious aspect to it. Mine is spiritual healing by death. What a cover. 

  18. On 8/4/2022 at 12:55 PM, Valso said:

    As for Metallica, there's only one way they could make me their fan - if Hettfield leaves the band bc he can't sing. :D

    Bit harsh on papa het. I preferred his old style singing on those classic first few albums. He had more energy in his vocals then. He's bit too croony for my liking these days but he's good singer. I think musically there not as interesting as they've been since cliff died. That's my main problem with them

  19. On 7/25/2022 at 2:05 AM, zackflag said:

    Huh, it has always been my understanding that James and Lars ruled that band with an iron first and had complete and utter control over the musical direction of the band, especially in the 80's. Kirk and even Cliff were essentially just along for the ride. So even if Cliff had never passed we still could've gotten the same AJFA album, except maybe with more bass....

    Hello again Zackflag. The power tool/colorado avs fan dude😉 from all the interviews and documentaries I've watched about Mettalica I can say your right to a large extent that Lars and James h did mostly everything. However cliff was said to have a say if the song was suitably finished. Apparently he'd make them refine songs and improve them if they were not up to his high standards which lead to excellent music as far as I'm concerned. They don't listen to many but in cliff they listened. They respected his increased knowledge of music theory and his passion for complex melodies. I've no doubt if he'd survived that Mettalica would be making much better music than they are today. Also what kind of music would Mettalica be making if cliff lived? I'm guessing it would be other genres mixed with metal. 

  20. On 7/23/2022 at 5:31 AM, Valso said:

    If Lindemann returns to the band, yes, I would. I stopped listening to Nigthwish for the same reason - no more Tarya in the band.

    An apology would help only if they return to what they were, otherwise it's just words. "We're sorry we disappointed you but we got to greedy for money".

    Ok I understand. If cliff Burton returned to Mettalica I'd listen to them again. Just slight issue with return 😉

  21. On 7/21/2022 at 11:20 PM, KillaKukumba said:

    Imagine that was a thing bands were required to do if they strayed!

    Ok so it doesn't happen and good thing too. I can think of a few bands who tried changing the formula for an album before reverting back to type on all subsequent releases. Of course other bands like Mettalica changed there style and never fully went back to it. They've inspired a fair few bands though too change there sound in equally big ways. I've read in a few band interviews that the band thinks if Mettalica can change there sound so can they. 

  22. One thing that winds me up about most Christians is how there almost all against abortion in most cases. Im a Christian but I think it's up to the female to decide. There has been cases years later where they've regretted having the abortion but still my view is not changed. Surely the best interest of the child is to have a committed mother who actually wants them. How do others see this? My view is right surely and there not right 😉 it's a grey area I'm guessing but all this anti abortion stuff winds me up. I was asked to sign some anti abortion petition while back. My wife signed it and I would not. 

  23. On 7/18/2022 at 12:35 PM, Valso said:

    IDK about other people, but I know which band pissed me off - Rammstein. IDK why or when but they're no longer industrial metal, they're... something else. That's why I haven't updated my collection and stick to my favorite 20 songs only.


    I almost never trust a band who's that popular like they are. Even if I liked them in the first place which I did not. The very idea of going to an arena to watch  them mostly on a big screen seems kinda pointless to me. Changing there sound was what many bands do to sell more records and lose some fans in the process like you 😉. Whats your favourite track album of theres. Du hast is very catchy but little too poppy for me. 

    Would you be a fan of them again if they went back to industrial again? Would an apology from the band help. We're sorry we have given up on  our roots but we won't do that again 🤣



  24. I used to think that queen music was incredibly dated but now it's become timeless for me and I like it. Maybe that's just me but maybe grunge music will become timeless too.

    you know that nirvana went very mainstream when even my mum requests nevermind album be put on the playlist for there recent 45 year wedding anniversary party😆

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