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  1. It's sad that Andrew Symonds the Aussie cricketer has died today. I remember seeing him play at London oval for a champions trophy group match against new Zealand in 2004 and what a fantastic batting performance. Loads of 4s and big attacking play as I remember. Rip Andrew.  

  2. On 5/12/2022 at 1:27 AM, Thatguy said:

    Yes, but...

    RU is paying some degree of attention, RL has its head up its arse. I am guilty of loving the sport but the big hits are part and parcel of the spectacle and for some men will be disastrous to their longer term well being. RL needed to set up a fund for research, and for compensation years ago but they didn't.

    WWE stopped the use of getting whacked by steel chairs in the head. Although that was more a decision to make it more suitable for younger fans but does prove things can change. Re rugby I can't remember speaking to anyone who wants the hits taken out of the sport.

    Certainly in union I'd like to see all that lying on the ground sped up after a breakdown🥱 apparently once you've played the game or understand the rules you actually like all that. Could be true. When I used to play cricket I enjoyed test matches more. Now Ive stopped I struggle to watch test matches without 😴

  3. 21 hours ago, Thatguy said:

    Yes, but...

    RU is paying some degree of attention, RL has its head up its arse. I am guilty of loving the sport but the big hits are part and parcel of the spectacle and for some men will be disastrous to their longer term well being. RL needed to set up a fund for research, and for compensation years ago but they didn't.

    Ok so not much happening in Australia re this. In England the subject is not going away but again not much is happening. I would say things will change if there's enough of these stories and press and enough people want it. A big study might also push it too especially if it gets enough support.  Maybe some of the heavy hits will be outlawed and other parts of the game will come to fore and there will be more points scored. Maybe just maybe the team hug at the start will be as physical as it gets😂


  4. On 5/9/2022 at 12:08 PM, Thatguy said:

    Yep. I knew the history. In Australia Rugby League started as the sport of the inner city working class in Sydney, and became the game of the rural working class too. One of the oldest clubs is the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Rabbitohs is not a very tough sounding name for a violent contact sport team, but it came from the call of the bloke selling rabbits to the inner city poor door to door.

    Interestingly the club next door -  the Eastern Suburbs Roosters (The Chooks) - started as a working class club too, but the Eastern Suburbs gentrified and South Sydney did not and The Chooks are now funded by a billionaire and have little local support. The Rabbitohs are now funded by Russell Crowe and another rich guy whose name I forget, but that's another matter.

    My team - the Parramatta Eels (Parramatta means place of eels in the local indigenous language) are a community club owned by its members. Parramatta is the heart of the western Suburbs -  Westies - working class battlers. It is an easy trope in books/films etc to let the reader know that the character is an Eels supporter - it is shorthand for Westie loser.

    Thanks for the info. Rabbitohs are a team I've heard of years before the takeover by Mr crowe. It's an original name for sure and was perplexed by the name. Now I know.  

    Is the issue of concussion a thing in Australia. In England there are more and more players who are having big issues after retirement like Steve Thompson who won 2003 world cup with England of course.😉now he can't even remember his kids names. In same interview he is quoted as saying I wish I'd never played to begin with. Could rugby rules be altered so the big hits don't happen nearly as much perhaps dishing out match bans for each unnecessarily big hit. Just an idea. Rugby could still retain what makes it great but with less long term cost to the players once there retired. 

  5. On 5/9/2022 at 9:31 PM, KillaKukumba said:

    Sounds like an AFL supporter describing why they are unlucky enough to barrack for Collingwood!



    He looks like  rabbi after a few too many sherbets☺️ 

  6. New one from et moriemur mixing atmospheric doom with Japanese themes featuring choir, cellos,harps bits and some Japanese instruments I can't pronounce. 

    It's so niche I'm thinking, really is because most people who like traditional Japanese stuff will not like the metal bits and the metal singing. where I'd say it's probably got not enough metal music in it for the metal fan to like. I don't think I've spoken to anyone who likes it apart from me. It was well reviewed. Also a shame the band does not tour outside Czech Republic much? I'm not aware of much tours. 



  7. On 4/24/2022 at 1:57 AM, KillaKukumba said:

    I do feel a bit like the ones who chose not to get vaxxed are being rewarded by playing the waiting game but I guess I also knew it was going to happen at some point. In Vic our vax rates are pretty good regardless of those who chose against it. I think single dose is something like 99.5%, double is high 90's and triple is in the 80's.

    It sucks that this winter dose they keep talking about is only for the oldies and the vulnerable because the old farts proved the first time around that they were reluctant to get it and it slowed the entire country down. I think with so many people double and triple vaxed the winter booster should be open to anyone that wants it.

    QR codes were a joke to begin with, especially when the governments said the data would not be on-sold, or given to other parties and both the Victorian and NSW governments were caught doing the opposite. It might have worked if treated properly but eventually people were going to get sick of it anyway.

    Four doses I've had bud. 💪🦾☺️ I've got a health condition so my life sucks. This was a small positive I got out of it. 

  8. 7 hours ago, FatherAlabaster said:

    Just ordered one of those sweet limited edition Mark Riddick longsleeves from Afterbirth. I might make it truly one of a kind by chopping the sleeves off, because I actually kinda hate longsleeves. 

    I like mark riddick artwork too. That t shirt is cool. My son would like it as he's well in to skulls and dinosaurs. Well looks like that to me. I have a recent fetid zombie album. My kids like the picture even if it scares them a little bit. Mrs blaacdoom does not like them seeing it. It's certainly a change from Peppa pig 😁

  9. On 3/26/2022 at 11:06 AM, Thatguy said:

    I went to school with Ian Thompson. He played rugby league (of, course) - prop -1st grade for Manly-Warringah (Sea Eagles) and played for Australia but a broken leg ended his career. Every year in the grading trials for the school RU teams we would pack down on opposite sides of the scrum and he would get an arm free and hit me. Every year he ended up in the 1sts team, and me in the 2nds. We were friends but for him hitting me to put me off my game was just a part of the game that he got and I didn't and that's why he played 1sts and had a professional career and I didn't.

    That guy think it was you who have mentioned that rugby union is a rich persons sport and league is for everyone else in Australia.  I googled why rugby is still working class sport in wales and read about the great rugby schism in great Britain when union split from league. It was all about money. Article was very interesting.  Tbh I always thought it strange that union was an amateur game until recently in England whilst top level football was professional.  And Wales kept on playing union in a big way as they liked beating  England who were weakened by the union and league split there. Beating England alot at rugby was something they liked alot. Lots of 🏆trophies I'm guessing for wales. 

  10. On 5/5/2022 at 1:29 AM, JamesT said:

    No problem!  I enjoy making recommendations and hearing that someone else found it rewarding.  That's a great question as to the genre that "St. Anger" would fall into.  I guess I've always just thought of it as straight-forward heavy metal and not really being characterized by any specific sub-genres.  Not sure, though!

    What have you been listening to lately? 

    Yeah it was a good recommendation. The songs are very good imo with the music video. Frantic i liked alot. I googled it and it's listed as metal/alt metal/nu metal/groove metal so we're all right. I can't see the metal tag but I can hear all the other genres in it. 

    I've been listening to transcending obscurity records stuff from there you tube feed. A range of stuff which I like some of alot. What you been spinning ☺️

  11. On 5/3/2022 at 3:06 AM, GoatmasterGeneral said:



    On 5/2/2022 at 11:58 PM, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    Let's face it, guitar solos were absent from most nu-metal in the 90's due to a lack of talent. When other bands who had guitar players quite capable of playing good guitar solos started not playing them either as a 'style choice' that's just plain dumb on their part. I remember from the SKOM movie Kirk was lobbying hard for them to rethink their no solos decision. Said it would forever date the album to that period. Personally I think they had other much more important issues with that album namely in the songwriting department. Songs went on forever and weren't in any way memorable or catchy. But that's just my opinion.

    My question is with so many thousands of great metal albums in existence no matter what sub-genre you're into, why would anyone feel the need to play a turd like St Anger regularly? To each his own obviously, but what good is being 'heavy' again and having 'energy' when the songwriting on the album was such utter shyte? Album was so bad it made their self-titled seem almost good by comparison. Almost.

    makes the world more interesting that some people hate something whilst others like the album.  With st anger it's a 6/10 album overall for me but there's alot of there other albums I prefer it to.You could say I'm not there biggest fan as die hard fans would like all there stuff whilst I mainly like the first 3 albums.  I agree st anger is bit repetitive, the lyrics are not exactly inspired all the time, the drums sound don't work for me and lack of solos. 😞A good few solo would have improved it alot. Still I like listening to it somewhat. 

  12. On 5/3/2022 at 12:13 AM, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    We had a show called "How It's Made" (no idea if it's still on) that showed not just food, but all different kinds of products being manufactured in the factory. I didn't ever watch it a lot but I'd run across it on YouTube every now and then. I do think there's a kind of beauty in watching the machines do their thing in perfect synchronicity that can be very satisfying and enjoyable. 


    How It's Made: Bourbon


    Thanks for the link. It was interesting. The presenters on the UK show i like more. They are very passionate and keen and a little bit eccentric which I like. The food factory program goes into more detail about how the machines  work which I find interesting too. I tried doing a link but I struggle with tech and it didn't work 🤗


  13. On 4/30/2022 at 9:53 PM, KillaKukumba said:

    As long as it's only the cream that's clotted and not the blood flowing through your body!


    Clotted blood in the veins is bad. Clotted cream on food equals for me 😋   maybe on chips would be good. 


  14. I've been watching food factories on Smithsonian channel. Watching about how all those UK favourites are made is something I'm liking more than I'd thought.Never thought watching how baked beans, stone baked pizzas,pasta, biscuits etc were made would be so captivating. 

    Anybody like this sort of program or are there programmes that were more interesting than you thought they could be.

  15. On 4/28/2022 at 12:30 AM, JamesT said:

    Awesome, glad to hear you liked it!  It doesn't have any guitar solos, but the heaviness is undeniable.  You can tell they were trying to reclaim the "metal" title after a couple of albums that didn't amount to much more than radio-friendly rock.  I'll always listen to it fairly regularly. 

    You convinced me to listen to it. Thanks again James t. It's by no means my favourite album but I like it more than dislike. I certainly like it more than nearly all the stuff I hear on the radio. No solos. I think it would have been better with solos. I'd have thought it have been to do with idea going around at time that solos were not needed for nu metal. In fact I can't remember why bands didn't play solos deliberately. Definitely it's there heavy attempt. What genre do you call it. Is it nu/groove metal.  


  16. On 4/24/2022 at 12:52 AM, KillaKukumba said:

    It did work, but it wasn't really fit for purpose. It was a drunken idea that we took too far and once we started we couldn't let it beat us.

    I don't mind the pink jacket and shirts. But the pink tools were a solid pitch towards getting more females into trades and it did work because plenty of women and now taking up all manner of trades and it's good to see.


    There is a lot of myths around batteries and what makes them die prematurely and most of them are exactly that a myth. Most 'cheaper' ones can be a risk but with a little research and following a few simple steps you can be relatively sure about what you're getting. The first two basic steps are just because it's got a brand name on it doesn't mean it's great, and if it doesn't have a traceable name don't trust it there are plenty more choices out there.

    I don't mind pink hi Vis really. No issue to me. I wear alot of hi Vis orange at work so the pink stuff is just another colour. 

    Ok I gathered as much after I spoke to my dad re the mower with the pickup engine. He was convinced it would have issues. My dad does get things totally wrong sometimes so I was hoping this would be the case

    That's good to see more women taking up the trades. In UK I've not seen any women on the sites. I'm not a tradesman but when our sites are done up alot of tradespeople turn up and I can't remember any females doing the work. There's even a Google advert on you tube where a female bricklayer moans to a copresenter why there are not more women in construction. 


  17. On 4/18/2022 at 9:25 PM, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    Have you perhaps come across any of my thousands of video posts in the What Are You Listening To thread, Sweets Gobbler? I'm sure there are at least several of my posts to be found on just about every single page of that thread for the last year. Clearly I like the filth, (I'm not an Iron Maiden fan in other words) and the vast majority of what I listen to would fall under the category of 'niche' stuff that most people wouldn't like, if they even knew that it existed. You my friend are a mainstreamer, which is totally fine, but it lets me know that I shouldn't expect you to truly understand.

    I would say part of not only being a metalhead or a serious music fan, but even part of just being a grown adult is doing your own thing, thinking for yourself and standing by your convictions regardless of what others might think. I believe the general attitude of 'Fuck you I can consume what I like' goes without saying and should be taken for granted when dealing with all other adults. I am someone who summarily rejects the typical clueless popular mainstream choices in all areas of art & life, not just music. Be it film, television, literature, art, fashion, food, drink, or what have you. Only I am properly equipped to decide what I like best and what best fulfills my needs and I am quite happy to let others to go about their business, do what they may and make up their own minds, assuming that they would much prefer to choose everything for themselves as I do. My taste is the only right taste for me and everyone else's taste is shit, that's the assumption I operate under at all times. It's always cool when I find my tastes aligning or overlaping with someone else's, but I'm totally fine being way out on an island all by myself as well as is more often the case.

    I'll tell ya what I think Kuke. Album was FUBAR by the atrocious vox.

    At least we agree that listening to what you like is important. It's obvious and I'm too old to care about trends. If I like the music.  That's enough.  

  18. On 4/15/2022 at 9:24 PM, KillaKukumba said:

    Ebbs and flows sire, ebbs and flows, because you'll also witnessed Blaze wearing your knickers as a du-rag.

    What an honour. Blaze would definitely be called a legend a few times for wearing brown stained undies in that manner 😂

  19. On 4/25/2022 at 1:09 AM, JamesT said:

    I've always been a fan of "St. Anger", and I'm not ashamed to say it.  I enjoy the rawness of the sound and appreciate Metallica making the effort to get back to ferocious heavy metal after the utter embarrassments of "Load" and "Reload".  

    After speaking to you I decided to wipe my ideas of this album. I just listened to it  with zero expectations and and I too liked the rawness and high energy of the record. I find it bit repetitive and not biggest fan of nu metal sound with those alternative rock/Alice in chains bridges (well that's my opinion)but overall 👍from me. I like it more than load , reload, death magnetic and hardwired. 

    On 4/13/2022 at 11:41 PM, blaaacdoommmmfan said:

    I'd forgotten about that one. It's called forbidden for a reason. 😉 Hopefully it improves. Let me know how you like 2nd half of album

    I listened other day to st anger by Mettalica with zero expectations and I must say I liked it alot more than I was expecting. It was bit repetitive and some songs a bit long but I liked the energy. I used to hate that album. Now I appreciate the energy which reminded me of there glory days of thrash. There were punk, groove metal, nu metal bits but I still liked it somewhat

    I listened to forbidden and I don't like it. Good singing and music but bit too much classic rock sound for me. It's forbidden for now from me collection. 😉

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