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    32 years old. husband. father. vocalist. enough.
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  1. not everyone can do everything vocally ... do not go and ruin your chords trying to perform something that might be out of your reach. Key is to find what you do well and start doing it perfect.
  2. Hello Metaforum community! I'm Elvedin, 32 years old dude 😎 I'm from Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegowina, and I'm vocal in grunge/metal band Emberdown. I'm married and got 6 years old daughter, which is by far biggest achievement that guy can get, to be become a father! I stumbled upon this forum while browsing good places to promote my band's first video, so I thought it's kinda impolite to just throw a "here you go, we made a video, tell us what you think" kind of post and decided to introduce myself first with couple of short notes.
  3. Hi metalheads! I sing in Emberdown, grunge/metal band from Bihać, BiH. We recently uploaded our first single and video for it. Coming from the region of Europe where you can count metalheads in each city on fingers of your hand, we consider this to be our personal victory over the mindset that prevails here and the overall distaste in music. If there is any members from balkans here, they will know what I'm talking about. Recording took three days and it's done on three locations. Preparations took us over two months. We really invested our hearth and soul into it. Audio and video pr
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