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  1. i listened to a bit of the first track and it seemed like 'technical metal' with an eighties style. Even the album cover looks early eighties.
  2. thanks for being another person to confirm that it makes sense. i'm now working on a different (non-music) project but hope to update my 'backwards' site at some stage. ************************************************************** From the album Cristo Satanico by Asesino https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6p94untpi1yzpn/12 - Sadistico.mp3?dl=0 ************************************************************** and a piece by the Melodic Backwards Death Doom band Satyricon from the album The Shadowthrone. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kee4sphlkwa8m5q/02 In The Mist By The Hills.mp3?dl=0
  3. a couple of short tracks by Autopsy from the album 'Shitfun' with 'forwards; bits added. the first has one forward bit and the second has 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/21qybr22dli0s3s/13 - Grave Violators.mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihgs6zixc8i4vc2/14 - Maim Rape Kill Rape.mp3?dl=0 ********************************************************************************** and a simple, repetitive bubblegum piece from the album 'Mental Funeral' (by Autopsy) with no forwards bits. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dleyox0dpmhnlg6/06 - Dead.mp3?dl=0
  4. it seemed like the first part of a much longer story. Near the end when the 'victim?' gets up for a bit but then collapses again is like how sometimes people that have died come back to life again. Because the body is a self-healing mechanism and if the soul hasn't departed then there's a chance the body will repair the damage that caused an apparent death state.
  5. Great production and atmosphere.
  6. You put a lot of effort into that..some of it sounds good...some of it sounds great. Nothing sounds bad. Its hard to tell more without vocals. but lots of fine work with the guitar/s.
  7. One of the key elements that helps to make this stuff sound okay? is the 'death growl' vocals. Often reversed voices sound too messed up...but the reversed death growl works amazingly.
  8. A couple of pieces by Asesino. They're both pieces that i would call 'hard bubblegum'. And 3 by Blood Red Throne Examples of 'soft bubblegum'. The structure and melodies should be fairly easy to understand. (click on the links) from the album Corridos De Muerte https://www.dropbox.com/s/pdd7o5sdkskldts/06 - Luchador Violador.mp3?dl=0 from the album Cristo Satanico https://www.dropbox.com/s/2t56vviio3ec3bk/10 - Twiquiado.mp3?dl=0 from the album Monument of Death https://www.dropbox.com/s/zy5uycvvw0wo3ek/07 - Malignant Nothingness.mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtr5y8sumfwedlk/08 - Monument Of Death.mp3?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dhxug0tkqgjstc0/09 - Path Of Flesh.mp3?dl=0 By 'bubblegum' i mean that often you'll find melodies that are upbeat and perhaps a bit childish. That's why i call it 'Bubblegum'. Not because i'm making fun of it, but because its a frequent aspect of the reversed music. *************************************************************** and lastly a piece that i would call a 'straight metal song'. a cover (by Blood Red Throne) of Cryptic Realms (by Massacre) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hl6qlcinqcaea9/05 Cryptic Realms (Massacre cover) new 15.mp3?dl=0
  9. Another cheap website i made a while ago with some scraps of kooky theories. https://yeoldemail.wixsite.com/fringe-science
  10. from the Promotion Guidelines "Stick around, tell us a bit about yourself," i have 2 text files i made a while back wrt my music listening habits. *********************************************************************************************************************** Music file 1 from 1st of March 2012 the first record i bought was "let there be rock" by acdc. the first tape was "dressed to kill" by kiss. later (beginning of the eighties) i got into deep purple and black sabbath and a few other heavy metal type bands...ie: motorhead, judas priest... but even old "classics" like "in a gadda da vida" by iron butterfly. led zeppelin was supposed to be heavy metal but the only album of theirs i liked was "houses of the holy". a little later...venom, possessed, mercyful fate. early eighties to early nineties from metal i moved onto industrial, electronic, kraut rock and indie rock (some of which were as heavy if not heavier than heavy metal, example;"Leichenschrei" by S.P.K whose music was described as "autopsy rock"). cabaret voltaire, D.A.F, Laibach, einsturzende neubauten, kraftwerk, tangerine dream, der plan, pyrolator, S.P.K, severed heads, you've got foetus on your breath, coil, throbbing gristle, merzbow, swell maps, muslim gauze, killing joke, the stranglers, hula, nocturnal emissions, nurse with wound, current 93, organum, death in june, controlled bleeding, front 242, nick cave and the bad seeds, Leibstandarte, wall of voodoo, holger hiller, wiseblood, non, diamanda galas, skinny puppy, swans ....etc (can't remember them all, i sold 99% of them to pay rent back in the early nineties). in the early nineties i was also listening to some death metal a third of the way through the nineties i got into techno. nasenbluten, syndicate, xylocaine, netas, overcast, i scream cones, morphism, dj ommy looper, dj zeitgeist, dj hendrix, dj scott brown, dj ollie, non bossy posse, vibe tribe/space tribe, clan analogue, dj fenix, geoff the chef, hardcore fiends, dj vagas, dj tron, dj aztek, havana, prodigy, amino acid, dr streuth, dj crisis... etc. late nineties and into the noughties i switched back to death metal. carcass, grave, mortification, bolt thrower, deicide, misery, obituary, deceased, unleashed, asphyx, death, incantation, benediction, crimson relic, master, suffocation, fear factory etc. but recently (the last half dozen years or so) i haven't been listening to any music. i kind of prefer peace and quiet. although i have in the last month been recording my old techno tapes onto my computer so i can save them before the cassettes die of old age. i also recorded that old kiss tape and was surprised to find that it still sounds crisp and clear after all this time (30+ years). ps: i don't mind some classical music now and then and i've always liked swing or big band type music from the 30s and 40s like glenn miller etc. i just preferred to spend my money on new "cutting edge" type music. industrial, death metal and techno were new and amazing through the 80s and 90s. but now from the mid noughties onward, the new type of music seems retarded or deliberately messed up...i don't know what the new style is actually called (or even if it has a name) but i call it "dysfunctional style". *********************************************************************************************************************** note that i'm talking about tv pop music in that last bit. *********************************************************************************************************************** music file 2 from 15th of April 2019 After reviewing that old text file i made describing the history of my music listening habits and preferences i found i needed to update it. Beginning in 2013 i started making Backwards DeathMetal. I called it 'Backwards Bubblegum Death Doom'...since it often seems 'upbeat' and almost like 'lullabies'. After having amassed a large collection of these 'pieces' i went into the local heavy metal store called Utopia and set up a little box on their front counter in which i would deposit about 15 usb sticks each week containing a selection of songs and albums. I did this between August 2016 and march 2017. Mostly i now just listen to the Backwards Deathmetal that i made. *********************************************************************************************************************** I have a degree in Art but i really spent most of my time researching various subjects. through 2001 to 2008 i spent a bit of time making multiwavelength astronomy images, which i used to post at Universe Today..which then amalgamated with Bad Astronomy. Before that i was hanging out at a 3d game making site called 3drad.
  11. check out my incredibly cheap yet MEANINGFUL website. https://yeoldemail.wixsite.com/barneys-bdm