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  1. RandomMetalFan

    Any horror lovers here?

    Always good to meet horror fans like myself. I'm sure you'll find my book interesting and creepy!
  2. RandomMetalFan


    A few weeks ago I've found a band named Betzefer. Their songs blew my mind and ears with joy! Heavy as fuck! Great songs! totally worth a shot and deserve much more exposure! I'll add links to some songs and their albums, show them love Songs: Down Low , Cannibal , Sledgehammer Albums: Down Low Devil Went Down to the Holy Land Freedom to the Slave Makers Entertain Your Force Of Habit
  3. RandomMetalFan

    Any horror lovers here?

    Hello everyone! I have a knack for horror, especially creepypastas. You've probably heard of Slenderman, Jeff the killer and many more. For the last 2 years I'd been writing a book of original creepypastas, and recently I published it on Amazon. If you like horror too and desire a different, darker kind of horror instead of banal ghosts/demons/monsters stories, this is the book for you! Dreams of a Mentally Ill I wish you all a pleasant reading! RandomMetalFan
  4. RandomMetalFan

    New groove bands?

    I highly recommend Betzefer. They do Groove/Thrash metal and they are absolutely amazing! Very heavy riffs, great music. Headbangs ensured! Check them out: Down Low Devil Went Down to the Holy Land Freedom to the Slave Makers Entertain Your Force Of Habit
  5. RandomMetalFan

    Give this band a try!

    Hi everyone! A few months ago I began listening to Kreator, a thrash metal band from Germany. These folks have been around since the 80s, and they have COUNTLESS great songs, which in my opinion could not be described better than PURE EARGASMS! In one weekend or two I got 30+ of their songs! Here are some of my favorite songs by Kreator: Death Becomes My Light - https://bit.ly/2RPtZKk All The Same Blood - https://bit.ly/2B5n2zl Enemy of God - https://bit.ly/2RTXryY Support these amazing and talented guys by checking their albums (my favorites): Enemy of God (Perhaps their best album to date) - https://amzn.to/2Dk3vws Gods of Violence - https://amzn.to/2ROOAhV Violent Revolution - https://amzn.to/2T7KsuN Phantom Antichrist - https://amzn.to/2K1GNuD Endorama - https://amzn.to/2K0ZeiY I wish you an enjoyful listening, and hope to get your comments, RandomMetalFan