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    Metal head from Yucatán México.
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    Heavy Metal, womans and make music.

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  1. We already have our full demo in Bandcamp, you can hear it here: https://skullmetal1.bandcamp.com
  2. The 80's was the best time for metal because it was everywhere, the age was metal. But even today there are a lot of great bands making amazing music.
  3. Personally i prefer the lyrics video.
  4. I buyed the album the day it came out, as a maiden fan i'm always happy with a new record. This one have a very good selections of songs, but some ones feel a little too long, obviously this is only my opinion. Regardless of this, the album is amazing.
  5. Check out the first song of the demo of Skull Metal Called Obscura confusión, this is already out for sale directly in the facebook of the band. We hope you like it. @skullheavymetal
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