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  1. My Top Ten list of Thrash Albums! http://greenandblackmusic.com/2016/02/13/top-10-thrash-albums/ Also, my Top Ten list of Thrash Ballads! http://greenandblackmusic.com/home/2016/09/12/ten-thrash-ballads/
  2. Crossover at it's finest! http://greenandblackmusic.com/2016/07/21/sargent-d-and-the-s-o-d-stormtroopers-of-death/
  3. Here's a nice tribute to Lemmy. He's gone, but his music and memory will live forever. http://greenandblackmusic.com/2015/12/30/live-to-win-a-tribute-to-lemmy-kilmister/
  4. I'm thinking of the first two albums. Dez screaming backup on the song "Saint Vitus." The sheer energy of "War is Our Destiny." It all sounds very punk to me.
  5. I'm a punk/metal guy. Saint Vitus is kind of like the bastard child of Black Flag and Black Sabbath. They're the perfect band for me. As far as the Wino years go, "Born Too Late" is my favorite. V is a close second though. I recently scored a copy of the reissue. It gave me an excuse to review a classic doom record. I highly recommend picking it up if you find a copy. http://greenandblackmusic.com/2016/01/22/saint-vitus-v-album-review/
  6. Absolutely. Still, it's hard to imagine that many a teenager didn't check out Maiden because Eddie caught their attention. Naturally they realized that Maiden were awesome and became life long metalheads because of the MUSIC and not the artwork.
  7. Metal bands clearly don't need a mascot to be successful. Still, it doesn't hurt. You gotta wonder if Iron Maiden would have been as successful as they were without Eddie. If anything, a consistent character that becomes the face of a band is pure fun. This link has lots of pics of classic metal mascots, as well as some interesting back stories. http://greenandblackmusic.com/2016/05/26/the-mascots-of-metal/
  8. I FINALLY LOVE IRON MAIDEN AGAIN! Maiden were my favorite band growing up. Bruce left before I got a chance to see the band live. The Blaze albums were OK....but it wasn't the same. It felt that Iron Maiden were forever relegated to the past. News that Bruce and Adrian returned filled my metal heart with joy. Then I heard "Brave New World." NOT what I was expecting. Pointlessly long songs, an abundance of clean guitars and rambling lyrics. It just wasn't what I wanted from Maiden. The tour was worse. They pretty much played the new album and the usual classics I'm sick of hearing. No "Aces High" or "Children of the Damned." They even played a Blaze song. As a lifelong Maiden fan who waited years to see his heroes, I felt abandoned and forsaken. The subsequent albums brought similar feelings. Yet, there is something different about "The Book of Souls." It still SOUNDS like modern Maiden....but they also seem to be embracing the past again. OK.....so this post has already grown long and bloated. I've written a detailed/thorough on my blog. You're welcome to take a look. http://greenandblackmusic.com/2015/10/01/iron-maiden-the-book-of-souls-album-review/
  9. Early Rush was definitely heavy. I recommend "Caress of Steel." http://greenandblackmusic.com/2015/07/20/dont-rush-to-judgement-an-impassioned-defense-of-caress-of-steel/
  10. I loved my old denim jacket. It was customized with pics and patches that took years to collect. That said, as soon as I got my leather jacket, I never wore denim again.
  11. Judas Priest are Metal Gods!
  12. Completely agree. I had the album playing in the background as I was doing some random chores. For a moment I zoned out and thought I was hearing Dave and Marty trade-off leads in Hangar 18. This is the best Megadeth album in a long time.
  13. I LOVE Born Again. Disturbing the Priest, Zero the Hero and the title track are classic Sabbath songs in my opinion. The cover is another story. Kind of awful but still really cool. One the best/worst album covers in metal. http://greenandblackmusic.com/2016/04/24/the-bestworst-heavy-metal-album-covers/
  14. One of my favorite bands of all time. They had great album covers too! I particularly love what I call the "metal monsters." The Hellion, Metallian, Painkiller. I took some photos of my Priest albums and did a little write-up for each metal monster. http://greenandblackmusic.com/2016/03/06/defenders-of-the-faith-the-metal-monsters-of-judas-priest/
  15. I recently put together a list of my favorite Thrash albums. I purposely excluded the Big 4, not because they aren't valid, but because there are SO MANY amazing bands that flew under the radar. The list includes: EXODUS - BONDED BY BLOOD NUCLEAR ASSAULT - SURVIVE FORBIDDEN - TWISTED INTO FORM METAL CHURCH - BLESSING IN DISGUISE WRATHCHILD AMERICA - CLIMBIN' THE WALLS FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - NO PLACE FOR DISGRACE D.R.I. - THRASH ZONE SACRED REICH - SURF NICARAGUA TESTAMENT - THE NEW ORDER OVERKILL - THE YEARS OF DECAY I did a little write-up for each album on my blog and posted a bunch of vintage pictures. http://greenandblackmusic.com/2016/02/13/top-10-thrash-albums/ What do you guys think? What albums would make your top 10 list?
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