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  1. That's tough, but I go with Megadeth.
  2. Well I just listened through "Addicted" by Devin Townsend and didn't really like it.
  3. I just finished "Ulta Ulla" suggested above and it was pretty good, a lot of really awesome and heavy riffs.
  4. Well you're wrong but I wont hold it against ya. Thank you, I love metal, for example bands like Nightwish
  5. Rings of Saturn is awesome, I haven't listened to them in years. I knew a guy who claimed to know them, ha.
  6. I'd be willing to guess it's the singles from DPP that form your opinion.
  7. Symphony X!!! \m/ I'm gonna say.. Lamb of God "Redneck" Symphony X "Dehumanized" Gojira "Vacuity" OMG THAT SONG.. time to go listen to it
  8. Well I came here to discuss metal :). Century Child is definitely a metal album. Tuomas stated his main influence was Metallica, back then. Bunch of guys in black, with long hair, songs about the devil, distortion 16ths with driving rhythm.. seems pretty metal to me, but who know smaybe it is fairycore, that is a great neologism. Yeah Imaginaraeum or however you spell it was alright, and Endless Forms Most Beautiful is much worse than anything they've made. It seems so uninspired. I'm going to a NW concert in April, maybe I'll bring a little note attached to a pebble, that says "The new album is shit and you know it!! Go back to Tarja writing using Floor vocals!! - Love clockwise", and clonk someone in the head with it.
  9. Yeah, it's all he ever thinks about But really, early Nightwish is definitely metal! At that point they were still playing all the parts, afaik. I can't figure out how to pull my words out of the quote box lol. Thx I am glad to see there is an active forum for metalheads. I use to post on forums all the time but it seems to be going out of style now. I really miss that community, and having avatars and signatures and all that jazz.
  10. I love most all of them, started with Dream Theater back in high school and got into Circus Maximus, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Pagan's Mind and Symphony X from them. I was interested in the darker and heavier stuff so I started listening to Dimmu, Wintersun, Winds of Plague. I love power metal, folk metal too. Nightwish was such a great band back when Tarja and Anette were there, but in my opinion they've been going downhill since Dark Passion Play. I think that may have been Tuomas' "magnum opus"
  11. Just another metalhead checking in
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