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    Denim or leather (vest wise, patches)

    Charity/Thrift shops are probably your best bet, they're normally pretty cheap in there. I found that cutting the sleeves off with a small saw blade, like a hacksaw or the little one you get on a swiss army knife, makes the edges look pretty rough and cool if thats your thing. For me cutting them off with scissors leaves too neat an edge. As for patches, i normally get mine from ebay, concerts or festivals. Festivals are the best bet i found, most of the merch stalls will have deals on. There was one stall at bloodstock this year that had 5 for £10 or something like that. The only problem with stuff like that is you may not be able to find a specific patch you want, if you just want one of "x" band you'll probably be fine, but if you want one of a specific album ebay is probably a better shout. That or look on the record label sites, they normally have a pretty good stock of patches for their bands. I would stay away from printed patches though, they tend to wear out pretty quick and crack or peel if you're not careful. I only get printed ones if i want a specific album and the artwork is too complex for embroidered patches.
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    Tea appreciation/preferences

    Good ol' Yorkshire. One sugar and a splash of milk. Best way.
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    Appearance for a burgeoning metalhead

    If you're going to start going to gigs just buy shirts of the bands you like when you see them, its a good way to make sure you actually like the band before you buy a shirt and its a good way to support the bands you like.
  4. GreatHeathenParty

    Appearance for a burgeoning metalhead

    I do it with any shirts I have duplicates of and any longsleeve or ones with stuff printed on the sleeves (I'm not a fan of either). I like having sleeveless ones in the summer, makes things so much more comfortable when it gets warmer. They're pretty comfy for just sitting around the house in too.
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    Its my favorite festival. I'd highly recommend camping though, a huge amount of stuff happens in the evenings in the campsites which add to the whole experience. With it being quite a small scale festival its about a minutes walk to the camp from the arena, which is great if there's nothing you want to see on and you just want to go and sit down and have a drink without spending extortionate amounts of money on the drinks in the arena. Even if you're on your bill its very easy to make friends there, its one of the most chilled out metal festivals going, most camps will adopt you if you ask nicely and aren't a d*ck. I've been going for five years, every year we take a few more people and every one of them has come back every year since.
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    Hello Metal Forum from York, UK!