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  1. Pestilence - Live Veghel & Live Bochum The version of Consuming Impulse that I have is a 2017 Remaster which is not as terrible as I usually fear. It has 2 CDs, the second of which are these two live recordings which are suitably horrendous sounding. Never usually bother with "extra" live recordings but put it on for shits 'n' giggles. By far the coolest part of this remaster tis the original (rejected) artwork being available in the jewel case which was considerd to shocking for use upon original release.
  2. Death - Scream Bloody Gore Pestilence - Consuming Impulse
  3. Macabre - Sinister Slaughter King Witch - Body of Light Asterisk* - Dogma 1: Death of a Dromologist
  4. Pretty Maids - Future World Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears
  5. It was on Amazon Prime. NP: Black Honey - s/t - bit of indie pop to start Wednesday.
  6. Demilich - 20th Adversary of Emptiness
  7. Death - Scream Bloody Gore
  8. That's okay. I would like to think that this is true as my recent experience of forums over the past few years has been watching the decline of the concept. I thought forums would get busier during lockdown but on the three that I still bother with there has been minimal increase in activity or new sign ups.
  9. Hmmm now I am going to have to try and get a shipment of this. Neat discovery, thank you for sharing.
  10. Watched the Death documentary last night and been wanting to spin anything by them pretty much all day since but just not had time to stop and listen to anything all day.
  11. Katatonia - Dance of December Souls
  12. Triptykon - Melena Chasmata
  13. Bank holiday weekend in lockdown (or not depending on how much of a bell end you are flouting the minor changes the government has made) and yesterday was mowing the lawn after hedgerow trimming. Also deliver the mother in law back home after 3 weeks of her staying (still don't understand why she had to come and risk COVID-19 in the house) and the whole house is more relaxed. One week into a detox of sorts (I am only drinking virgin's blood for the forseeable future) and have just been outside throwing some dumbells around on the decking, trying to unlock 20 year old me some 20 years after he packed up and left on an endless world tour it seems. Healthier diet this week has made me marginally more cheery (haven't killed anyone since Tuesday) so look out for Happy Macca on the forum!
  14. Burzum - Nidhoggr - Umskiptar (2012) Ritual - Journey Into The Frozen Wasteland - The Summoning (1995) The Prodigy - Spitfire - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (2004) Samael - The Black Face -Worship Him (1991) Leviathan - The Bitter Emblem of Dissolve - The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide (2003) Pallbearer - Worlds Apart - Foundations of Burden (2014) King Diamond - Funeral - Abigail (1987) Sargeist - Snares of Impurity - Feeding The Crawling Shadows (2014) Vulture - The Garotte - Ghastly Waves and Battered Graves (2019) Cypress Hill - Red Light Visions - III Temples of Boom (1995)
  15. This reminded me to check out To Kill Is Human which I have had on my “to do” list for a few weeks. What a horrible drum sound, it sounds almost scratchy when any fills are run, is this album the same?
  16. Sorry? What is coming back?
  17. Ritual - The Summoning Moonsorrow - Verisäkeet Pagan Altar - The Lords of Hypocrisy
  18. New Auroch - not bad but predictable New Abysmal Dawn - exactly the same as anything else they have ever done. New Thanatos - meh So far the standouts are Icelandic black metallers Helfró and the atmospheric doom of Frayle. Tomorrow will be NOW 87
  19. Zero Tolerance Mag issue 95 CD.
  20. Tiamat - various tracks Not sure why I dismissed Tiamat from my list of "interested" artists but after my recent listens to Paradise Lost I have found myself hitting up a playlist of theirs this afternoon and don't mind much of what I am hearing thus far.
  21. I don't recall that I have. I am aware of them from my time on another forum when Greg started the project but somehow missed them off my radar. Thanks for the reminder though.