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  1. To our fellow thrashers...please take a look at our video "Bathed In Fire" from our upcoming album (due out later this year) www.facebook.com/outliarmetal Thanks for your support! THRASH TIL DEATH! \m/ \m/
  2. Re: Metal Core What's up Murph! Just keeping busy, trying to get the record heard by as many people as I can. Doing a few shows here and there. Have one new song ready to go and working on a 2nd. The 2nd one will be a quick and heavy one, so I'm stoked about that. Going to see Cannibal Corpse tomorrow night, so I'm pumped about that. Good guys. I just fucking wish HAVOK would come through Raleigh, NC! Keep in touch, metal bro! R
  3. Re: Cannibal Corpse Im a HUGE CC fan. I have been since the day they came out on Metal Blade. I think their stuff was supreme on The Bleeding, and everything before it was legendary for different reasons. I think Evisceration Plague is their peak since George has been with them, but I'm really digging Torture. It seems though they stripped down some of the emphasis on the technical side of the house and went with more straight forward bludgeoning. How do you guys feel about the record so far? Going to meet up with them in Raleigh on 4/7. I'm excited. They are good friends of mine (Alex actually recorded bass on a few tracks from my old death metal band in NY called Half Dead, so I'm a little biased!) Long Live Cannibal Corpse! www.facebook.com/outliarmetal www.outliar.com
  4. Re: Metal Core Thanks for NOT putting us in the metalcore category, Murph....definitely not a vibe we ever went for. What's crazy is that the term metalcore USED to represent metal + hardcore like the dude after you properly stated (think bands like Cryptic Slaughter - that's one of the best metalcore bands I've ever heard in my LIFE.....or Crumbsuckers - which would also qualify as one of the greatest records I've ever heard and complete TRUE metalcore). The newer version of metalcore never really grabbed me. When I think of that newer version, I think of bands like Atreyu, but maybe heavier. Stuff that was pretty heavy and then BAM! here comes this SUGARY sweet bubble gum chorus and it just always ruined it for me. The best "metalcore" record I can think of would be All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals, but I really don't feel like that is "true" metalcore in the current day (probably their latest record(s) would be....SUCKS). I think the term is just thrown around to classify bands that don't quite fit into one specific genre that have some of those really pretty choruses, or emotive stylized sections. The few melodic parts that we have on our record really were more of a vibe or feeling for the song, but nothing that was contrived or done in an attempt to make a silly cash grab down the road or appeal to a non metal audience at all. I kind of equate the melodic stuff on our record to something like a Welcome Home - Sanitarium or Fade To Black type vibe from the older Metallica records (when clean singing didn't sound cheesy, in my opinion...) Hope all is well with all of my metal brothers.... \m/
  5. Re: Outliar - Provoked To Anger Thanks for the very honest and fair review, Murph! Much appreciated and glad you enjoyed it. Glad you took the time to listen. As far as our band goes, this is our first official release and we are working on new material for the critically important sophomore follow up. If I have to put a classification on the newer material, it will be thrashier than Provoked To Anger is, but staying true to the dynamics which make this band a bit unique as far as being able to neatly classify us into a specific genre, although thrash is where our (black) hearts align with most.... Spread the word to anyone who wants to check it out and stay METAL. www.outliar.com www.facebook.com/outliarmetal
  6. Re: advanced thrash metal Return to carthage - great call on blood feast and wehrmacht! Whiplash as well. Im a little ashamed to admit I like that chopping block blues the most from bf. Holy terror was a nice call too. Have to dig through my collection this weekend and come up w some more. Cardinal sin - ressurection and INC - the visitor are two underground lps I love too.
  7. Re: advanced thrash metal Dude seriously give death angel relentless retribution a shot. Way the Fuck better than act or killing lps. I really dig it. Def worth a listen
  8. Re: Best thrash guitarists ???? Not sure if you consider Crumbsuckers a thrash band. It delved into the hardcore scene too, but the album BOMB is one of my all time favorites EVER. Those guitar players fucking ripped. Chuck Lenihan I believe...you guys know that album?
  9. Re: Best thrash guitarists ???? Good lists for sure. In haste, I forgot to add Tommy, who I think has the most unique sound of any thrash guitarist out there. He still KILLS it - saw them on the 70000 tons boat this year and they stole the entire cruise for me, personally. Durkin and Meyer - I need to bone back up on Dark Angel. I preferred Leave Scars from their catalog but never viewed them as virtuoso guitar players like Alex Skolnick and the like. Friedman was an absolute GEM and I hated it when he left Megadeth. His solos make Rust In Peace even more amazing than it already is. After Rust, Megadeth went way down hill for my tastes. Piggy was such a unique player and the world of music lost a LOT when he was gone. Dimension Hatross is one of the most awesome albums ever. My other faves include: Craig Locicero/Glen Alvelais (Forbidden) Phil Demmel (Vio-Lence). Although I knew Robb well for a number of years, I never thought he was half the guitarist that Phil is and was. Josh Christian - Toxik. Although more progressive than thrash, GUY WAS AWESOME. The guys from Helstar (specifically Nosferatu) were absolutely ridiculously awesome too. Forget their names off hand though. One of the newer guitarists that I think is AMAZING is Sami from Kreator/Barren Earth. He's absolutely killer. I preferred King on Seasons because he started playing solos more in key than not. I guess I should been more clear in my thread - I meant to say best lead guitar players in thrash. I was more focused on lead work than rhythms. From a rhythm perspective, you have guys like Kerry King and James Hetfield, Eric Peterson, etc., that have written some of the greatest riffs ever. Period. That would also be a killer list to compile. Mille Petrozza also is worthy of mention.
  10. Re: Outliar - Provoked To Anger available now! Thanks for the note. I don't disagree at all. I'd be happy to set you up with a free download of the entire album. If you like it enough, you can buy it. If not, no harm no foul. Just trying to spread the word. I think it's a decent album. E-mail me at [email protected] and I will send you a free download code at cdbaby.com and let me know what you think. Spread the word if you dig it. Thanks! R
  11. Forgive me if this thread has already been started....who are the best in history? My quick start list: Alex Skolnick James Murphy Andy LaRocque (tough to call the King full blown thrash, but Andy is a god among men in my book) Gary Holt Kirk Hammett (got to throw him props on the lead side, Hetfield was a god for riffs though in my book) Dave Mustaine (unique sound, fantastic player - Rust In Peace one of the most complete thrash records ever) Dime was a master, but again tough to consider him a full blown thrash guitarist - agree? More soon..... www.outliar.com www.facebook.com/outliarmetal
  12. Re: List your very Own Big 4 Thrash Acts I'm with you on the new thrash revival, but two bands stick out for me that I think are worthy of repeated listens: HAVOK (the best of the bunch, in my book) Diamond Plate - the record isn't as fantastic as they are live. I assure you if you saw them live, you would agree. Keep an eye on their sophomore release. I can't imagine a let down. Technically sound - covered Into The Pit on the 70000 tons cruise and it was note for note PERFECT. Need to start a thread on greatest thrash guitarists...stay tuned....\m/
  13. Re: List your very Own Big 4 Thrash Acts I feel like you stole my list! I've always thought The Years Of Decay was their best. Elimination fucking rules. Always has. Eternal Nightmare over Oppressing The Masses for me, but I love OTM just the same. Fatter, chunkier riffs - Subterfuge comes to mind first. World In A World, of course is awesome. I need to put some time into this list but I totally agree on The Legacy as well. Killer list.
  14. Re: List your very Own Big 4 Thrash Acts Definitely catch Overkill - they should be with Diamond Plate too, right? They kick ass. Def check them out. I'd like to hit the show in VA, but it's a good drive. We'll see. Schizophrenia has Troops Of Doom which is fucking supreme, so good call there. Who are your top 5 thrash bands of all time?
  15. Outliar is a thrash influenced metal band from Cary, NC. Their debut LP, Provoked To Anger, was recorded at The Basement Studio in Winston-Salem, NC by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Bloodsoaked, Wretched, Woe of Tyrants, etc.). Provoked To Anger features a guest guitar solo from James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary, Cancer, Disincarnate). Their aggressive sound pulls influence from the legendary sounds of early era Metallica, classic Bay area thrash, as well as some death metal influence. The aggressive thrash styled vocals are mixed with catchy guitar riffing that is sure to please fans of Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Testament, early-era Metallica, Pantera and the like. If you are seeking a metal band that isn't following any latest trend and is playing music that is aggressive, Provoked To Anger is sure to demand your attention and repeated listens! Outliar is the band you have been wanting to hear. Provoked To Anger is the record you've been waiting for.....PREPARE! http://www.outliar.com http://www.facebook.com/outliarmetal
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