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  1. Re: Candlemass Not listened to Candlemass since their "Tales of creation" days, however just got into Opeth recently and remembered that I quite liked Candlemass, so must check out more of their stuff too
  2. Re: best metal guitarist (your opinion) Tony Iommi - Black Sabbath ... No contest !
  3. Re: Metallica A talented bunch that have produced many a great track. Death Magnetic is a breath of fresh air though and is their best in a long while on the thrash front. I also love Megadeth too and Endgame ain't bad either \m/
  4. Re: MotorHead Not into them when I was younger, however they have grown on me over the years. Some of my favorite tracks are Ace Of Spades, Orgasmatron & 1916 !
  5. Re: IRON MAIDEN I like Maidens stuff, especially the first 3 Albums. However although good, they became a bit samey and lacked variety. I much prefer Helloween and Gamma Ray and I am English
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