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    Mikkapantli means "Death's Emblem" in nahuatl.
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    Metal in general, history, dark/weird stuff, sleeping, eating, drinking and trying to survive.

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  1. I remember how they tried to go back to their roots in "The Plague Within" in 2015: there was this intense and positive response from the metal community. I was pretty excited too. Nice album, by the way. They managed to evoke that sound of melancholic despair, once lost when they switched to a more smooth, digestible gothic approach.
  2. Sounds ok to me, not that great in my opinion. I believe it's like a "comfort zone" for all those well-known musicians: nothing to improve, but nuthin' to lose. Guess the videoclip is fine. My two cents: for people who like Avant-garde Black Metal with a classy touch, Pensées Nocturnes announced their new album "Douce Fange", out January 21st 2022. What can I say? I love bands who take some risks.
  3. I have two bands in mind: Ulver (Black Metal -> Ambient/Electronic) and Diablo Swing Orchestra (Avant-Garde -> Avant-WTF!?) When both bands decided to explore new musical horizons in their respective moments... I felt how my soul imploded after getting burnt in its spiritual balls using salt, sunlight, lemon juice and Yoko Ono's singing. It was a pretty painful, hard-to-explain experience in my life. I thought "What did I do wrong or what obscure brand of toilet paper did I wrongly and naively buy to make the universe turn against metal?" There are many other examples, including the ones people already pointed out. But those two... man... SERIOUSLY!?!?
  4. Well, it was difficult but I managed to do it: 1) Therion (including their Death Metal albums) 2) Summoning (so bloody EPIC!) 3) Immortal (Blashyrkh's crab dance is all you need) 4) Aquilus (one-man band, the guy is a genius) 5) Spastic Ink (Jarzombek brothers aren't human)
  5. Can't say I've quit metal before, but I've had "more" or "less" metal moments throughout months. I've been a metalhead for 25 years and I seriously doubt I'll stop listening completely to this genre. It's so damn good and addictive. One aspect I truly enjoy from metal is its diversity and global transcendence. Metal has been reinvented and adapted countless times. Literally every country has at least one band, in a heap load of languages... yeah, I'm willing to believe even the freakin' South and North Pole has metal bands consisting of penguins, walruses, exiled souls, aliens and whatever creature lurks in there. That's how great this genre has become over the years. Nowadays, I combine my regular metal playlist with any stuff that catches my ear: blues, rock, jazz, punk, "banda" music (very popular/traditional in my country), fusion/tropical (thanks, Cynic), Darkwave, EBM, Aggrotech, Industrial, folk, Dungeon Synth, Dark Ritual, classical, rap and so on. I don't have pals who like metal as much as I do. I'm ok with that. Some of them can't stand Iron Maiden for more than five minutes, hahaha.
  6. If it helps and the OP returns one day (lol), I recommend Scar Symmetry. Recently I just spotted them again in my playlist. Their first albums are pretty good. "Standard" Melodic Death Metal, one I would say it's great for introductory purposes.
  7. Just joined this place. Tee-hee. I'm not too good introducing myself. Hope you all are having a great time, as a year passes by and the next one arises. Em... I'm listening to Elffor's "Dra Sad" album right now. If you like Dungeon Synth/Medieval Ambient stuff, you gotta give it a try. See ya around.
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