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  1. @NokturnalBoredom I also got injured my ears twice, once while doing crazy chemistry experiments at home (you dont ignite hidrogen and cloride together), and more recently on the mosh (the last one I've been like ten years from now), I fell to ground and my head hit my ear with a bottle I was holding, basic kids stuff that you forget when you are drunk (don't run with a bottle), may be that's a part of it, not enjoying high notes of metal as it used to be, but anyway I appreciate the basic structure of metal even withoput hearing eat, Goddamn one of the things i miss more is the mosh, I still like that I think and I was good at it.
  2. This happenned to me many times, I used to love metal and encourage it's ways more than others, until one day I got sick of everything and everybody, friends who used to be called as that, left me on my way. I tryied many times to open my way as a vocalist and my projects vanished in quick sand no matter how i tried. Now they see me progress on other genres, as they saw me progress on metal, and they care a damn about me. And I'm not a bad vocalist, I find my voice intresting and capable of complex things, and I'm an even better song writter, I had a couple of lyrics in metal that were good. I regret not have learnt to play guitar on those days, it would surely have helped, however nowadays that I know to play a little guitar and years passed I don't feel like listening to old school metal in any variation, or dressing as a headbanger, I 've got decepted by the scene and the music went repetitive and senseless, I still enjoy of distortion and speed but not strictly metal, I find Igorrr for example far more original than many metal bands. Respecting to living as a headbanger, many things of metal marked me and I still think almost the same about society, and how to behave in life, it's just that I don't feel all the violence and anger any more. I know how it is, I know how many of you would feel about me, I've been that side, I was able to register this site at last without googling. It's still difficult to talk about this and I don't do it openly where my old pals can identify me, I just get past by that and sometimes manifest my actual musical taste: country and world music, better if heavy sounding (too much to ask) but never ever I will listen to pop or music too quiet. I got permanently burnt out of metal. I could listen to hardcore, trouble is I got tired of rock music in general, just always the same roots. I'd wish that there would be a genre similar to rock with different roots, may be that tell more about my country's traditions, but it's what it is, the genre I like doesn't exist yet, thoiugh i sometimes listem to some folk metal, just not the viking stuff. One thing it's sure and I'm never listening to pop music.
  3. Have you ever been out? have you got back? have you got sick of it all? How was the reaction of your pals? Do you openly tell them? what did you do with all the metal stuff?
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