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  1. Dave kind of looks like he's ridden the wave and stayed where he knew he was going to get paid, but he was sacked in '77 at which time he joined Adrian's band Urchin, having previous formed a different band with Adrian at school. Maybe no one's safe from the sacking hammer of Steve Harris, although there has probably been as many amicable departures as there has been sackings.


    I haven't listened to much Samson but I'd say no. Maiden's groundwork and Steve's determination was  got them where they needed to be. Some of it was probably luck and some being in the right place at the right time, but Steve worked his arse off behind the scenes to make sure everything fitted the vision he had. I don't think Samson had the same drive, I don't even think Bruce had the same drive until he'd been in Maiden for a while. Chances are none of them have had the same drive as Steve. These days they all seem to have the same drive and the same outlook for where the band is going, but like any band they are probably only one disagreement away from someone leaving.



  2. Their prerogative was also based on the fact that Paul was damaging the band. Rightly or wrongly Steve had an image in mind for his band and Paul was ruining that image and in Steve's mind it was costing them gigs and money. Whether Paul was the best singer or not it made business sense to get rid of the broken wheel. As a business move it was obviously the right move for the band who went on to greater things. Whether it cost them a lot of fans I don't suppose they'll ever know.

  3. I was the opposite, I was happy to see them get rid of Paul. I didn't hate the guy, (that came later when he alone proved why he shouldn't be in any band) but I much preferred Bruce's voice. I may not rate it much more than 3/5 but I do think it's a better album that it's predecessors. I was sick of hearing songs like Run To The Hills by the mid 80's, but mostly because of the way they dragged it out live, not so much the studio version.

    I've had plenty of people over the last 20 years on forums tell me I'm wrong for not liking Paul, but I'm thick skinned and don't really care, I just can't get into his singing.

    As much as I do like this album I wont be rushing out and buying the cassette version released this week.


  4. Love the Electric Circus. It was the first W.A.S.P. album I actual bought. I'd heard a few WASP songs prior to buying it but that was it. I'd also read about Blackie and seen many of those outrageous photos but at the time I was moving towards more heavier stuff. Thrash was emerging (well it had been for a few years in 86), but WASP became one of those heavy metal bands that leapt onto my regular playing list.

    I've since bought Electric Circus on CD and ripped versions of it, The Headless Children and The Crimson Idol and they are still some of the highest rotation albums I have.

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