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  1. ^ That would be a wet dream for sites like Blabbermouth and Metal Injection. Gary could start a GoFundMe to get the band rolling. James could cry about his childhood and how his parents ruined his life. Dave could just prop himself on a drum stool and waffle about pointless shit for hours. David could drag on and on about how much better the music they haven't created is better than Megadeth And Joey could make excuses for the band not playing while singing some Journey songs to keep people entertained!
  2. Whack a bit of white into that make up and she could be a black metal singer.
  3. It's kind of funny that we can afford to eat our national emblems but we can't afford to eat the animal that outnumbers us.
  4. They might not, but to consider it 'gamey' seems a bit weird to me. Roo, Croc, Water buffalo, maybe even to some degree goat, are gamey but Lamb is far from gamey. At $45 a kilo for lamb cutlets lambs are nearly worth their weight in gold in this country.
  5. Makes you wonder why the fuck lamb is so expensive in this country...we can't be keeping them all as girl friends I don't know if it's true but someone (an aussie so obviously it's gotta be true) that American's don't eat much lamb because they consider it gamey and tough.
  6. Despite (or perhaps because of) my cuz being a pro wrestler whose been through the WWE camp I don't watch any of those fighting sports but I do follow the news which includes such local stories from time to time.
  7. Scripted? Oh my, you're not going to suggest wrestling is not real? It's been a huge deal in the news and in papers for weeks here, one doesn't have to pay for view to hear when local news happens.
  8. And South Aus can add to the current WWE Smackdown Women's Titleholder to their list of accolades can Texas or Iowa do that?
  9. Anything would be an improvement over Lars. Ignoring the fact that no one really wants to be cuddled by Lars while taking a dump, the likeness to Lars was pretty terrible.
  10. Now the same guy has made a Powerslave shitter. https://metalinjection.net/around-the-interwebs/behold-the-iron-maiden-toilet
  11. Metal Church with Marc Lopes on vocals is out today. There is also a new one from Aussie thrash band System Trashed. UK band Violent Sin also release their debut Serpent's Call
  12. Decimator - Carnage City State Mosh Patrol
  13. New Terrifier is out for those who were praising the previous albums in the listening thread last week.
  14. FWIW I love Perth, not as fond of some of the residents but I'd move to Perth in a heartbeat if the missus would live closer to her family.
  15. It's the almost eclectic variance in posts that makes Doc's more interesting to me than straight BM all the time.
  16. Why do you assume that the music you listen to is so shit that no one else will enjoy it? You should give yourself more credit. Some of the stuff you listen to gets nuked, but half the stuff you post is better than the straight black metal horse shit others post. At least the stuff you post has variance. Give yourself credit old chap sometimes you deserve it.
  17. It's something like 10 degrees, it's raining and I've got man flu, I've got nothing better to do than lurk forums annoying people.
  18. BOTANIST - VIII: Selenotrope. NP - BLOODMIST - Sheen
  19. VALBORG -Romantik VALBORG - Der Alte
  20. CATTLE DECAPITATION - Terrasite. IMPETUOUS RITUAL - Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence.
  21. Well that would obviously work because Lister can make that lump of wood sing like a Yukon bear trapper on his annual visit to the brothel
  22. To be fair a dead1 with a gun is nearly as scary as a blind man with a gun
  23. OLIVIER MESSIAEN - Turangalîla Symphony ULCERATE - The Destroyers Of All NP - NOIRCURE - Pathos
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