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  1. BAD NEWS - The Cash In Compilation
  2. Like there is a wrong side. I just installed block out, thermal, noise reduction curtains around here, they don't do a bad job of keeping the heat in over night. Will be interesting to see what they do over the summer.
  3. Just got to get out and do something and you barely even notice the 110kph winds or the 9.5 temp.
  4. Orange Goblin - Science, Not Fiction
  5. Nope, everything from day 1 has been a copy of it's predecessor and each copy takes with it some degradation of the original.
  6. Orange Goblin - Science, Not Fiction
  7. Nup, sorry, without coffee I can't come up with a period joke that isn't inappropriate. Yeah but they all copied Thrash and the clone can never be as good as the original. .
  8. Frenzal Rhomb - Live At The Wireless JJJ
  9. It's funny how these sorts of threads always come to the same conclusion. Thrash is the best.
  10. Yeah, but when I'm unsupervised I'm a rule breaker!!
  11. One day you'll stop taking the shit I say so literal.
  12. In this day and age it's impossible to tell. Some snowflakes get bent out of shape about the littlest thing. I wouldn't want to upset a snowflake!
  13. 40 years thrash had been a thing. It's really a credit to the genre for being so strong and lasting through the mess that every other genres left behind
  14. Black Label Society - Alcohol Fueled Brewtality
  15. Well done. At least when I didn't have spotify I had an excuse not to listen to the song that wouldn't hurt his/her feelings.
  16. I can't even listen to it because I no longer have a working spotify account. But if it's not up to GG's standard then it's not going to be up to my BM standards either!
  17. There is a new band breaking soon that sounds promising, they're called Slayer, people should get on board early with them and they might play more gigs.
  18. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Paper Mache Dream Balloon
  19. He'd know, everyone he works with, everyone he talks to and everyone he knows is an arsehole.
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