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  1. Thank you GothExplorer and Balor! Yes, the Norwegian people is generally very friendly, but I would actually consider the citizens of Oslo less friendly. Not that everyone there is complete idiots, but for friendly norwegians I would rather go further north or west. Here you find some really cozy and friendly people! (Sorry if I ruined your impression of Oslo), but at least Oslo has the record store Neseblod, if you know about Mayhem you probably know about Neseblod, originally known as "Helvete".
  2. Hello! My name is Kevin, A 22 year old male from Norway, currently residing in Viken, Norway. I started listening to metal in elementary school, around sixth grade after some major bullying and a pretty much loss of will to live, I found my light (darkness) in metal, starting with From the Cradle to Enslave by Cradle of Filth that my brother introduced me to. Saying "He's the one who broke me" After a while I wanted more extreme metal and started listening to bands like Belphegor, Behemoth etc. Those bands were a great comfort for me during those difficult periods. I am doing better now even if I get some flashbacks to how things used to be. Nonetheless the metal really helps me cope. Eventually I have started enjoying more kinds of metal bands, like Manowar. I have joined this forum to hopefully meet likeminded people, hopefully someone who is also residing around Viken or Oslo, I really want to expand my circle of friends too, as that is something that I pretty much lack these days. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I am excited to see all of you around on this forum! Dead Regards, Kevin
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