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  1. Is it hypocritical to support the lockdown if you yourself do not obey all of the rules? For the record, I am totally opposed to the lockdown, and always have been. However I have tended to follow the rules.
  2. Welcome. I believe that your home city is known as the gateway to the west.
  3. And nice for us to meet you. Welcome to the site.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I see that you are from the same country that gave us Scorpions and Accept.
  5. Welcome Jack. Have you checked out the promote yourself section of the forum?
  6. I actually had that thread in my mind when I posted above. Yes, I could have checked out Primordial, but did not. When you - I think it was you - noted that there is indeed a band called Primordial, I accepted the rebuke with a good grace.
  7. Instead of assuming anything about The Sixsters, maybe you could just check them out. It is what the internet is for. I would not class them as metal, but they are definitely good role models for young musicians. I donated some money to them on GoFundMe, and was supposed to be rewarded with a copy of their debut album, but the link did not work. I am not bothered.
  8. A few weeks ago I received an email link from The Sixsters to a digital download of their debut album. It went into my spam folder, and so I did not find it until the other day. I clicked on the link, but nothing happened. I am not bothered though. They made an album, and my money helped them. Edit: it occurs to me that maybe The Sixsters should not be classed as a metal band, but they are definitely a rock band, and any one of them might be playing heavy metal music at some point in the future.
  9. Welcome to the forum Aimy. I do not wish to sound harsh, but frankly I have other things to do with 30 to 40 minutes than take a survey, and I am not sure I would know what to do with an Amazon voucher in a foreign currency.
  10. You make a good point, but in the age of the internet it is possible to work with people in other locations, including on other continents. So for example if I were posting, I would begin my thread title with either "North of England" or "Online project".
  11. Welcome - rather belatedly - to the forum. I am sorry no one welcomed you any sooner. I own guitars as well, and I have also dabbled in song writing.
  12. Welcome to the site Ed. I would like to say that I know lots of Spanish bands, but right now I cannot think of any except Los Del Rio.
  13. Welcome to the site. LA has produced many famous bands over the years. I used to be a huge fan of The Bangles when younger.
  14. Welcome to the site, Kevin. I used to own a live album by Deep Purple on which Ian Gillan praised the friendliness of the people of Oslo.
  15. Probably because I did not quote you. I merely replied.
  16. I am puzzled. Are you in a band called Primordial? Welcome to the site.
  17. Welcome to the site sonic2468. I used to own twenty-two albums by Deep Purple, but yes there are some awesome young bands out there.
  18. It occurs to me that three years ago I paid £15.50 to see a concert by five tribute bands - UFO, Dio. AC/DC, Deep Purple, and Iron Maiden. The venue was packed - well over a thousand people there probably. Whoever hosted that event probably raked in close to £20k. On top of that, the venue would have benefited from the bar takings. It is easy to envisage the host paying each band around £2k to £3k. In my experience though, tribute bands usually play to audiences of around a couple of hundred people. Having said that, they tend not to have support bands, which requires them to play a long
  19. Hi George. You are lucky to be studying there. Nothing like that place existed when I was your age. ACM is based in Guildford. Do you ever shop in Andertons?
  20. Welcome GeezerFan91189. I assume from your username that you were born on either 11 September 1989 (and are American) or on 9 November 1989 (and are British). I assume also that you play bass guitar.
  21. A few years ago, I saw British band Voodoo Vegas supporting Y&T in concert. I asked their lead singer afterwards if the band made any money, and he said no. A year or so later, I remember seeing Big Country at the same venue, and their support act played nothing but covers. I don’t recall Voodoo Vegas playing any covers. They certainly didn’t cover any song I recognised. Here’s my question. If a band which plays its own material doesn’t make money, then presumably a band which plays nothing but covers actually loses money. (Same venue, remember – supporting act.) This t
  22. Twin sister harpists cover metal.
  23. I used to listen to Saxon when I was younger, but I don't have time for them now. There is so much other stuff to listen to. I was not aware until today that there are any Saxon tribute bands out there. I just checked, and there are at least four. However, I do not know of a single young band which ever covers their songs or cites them as an influence. Also, has any member of the band ever had a signature guitar (or other instrument)?
  24. GothExplorer


    Siblings move on from covers.
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