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    Love metal, history, archaelogy probably could describe this in a much better way!
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    Metal and classical music, history (Anglo Saxon and medieval), archaeology

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  1. JessicaRC

    Word Association

  2. JessicaRC

    Word Association

  3. JessicaRC

    Best Metal song for Wedding !

    Very late to this but just in case others might be looking for some ideas Love walked in - Thunder Black Wedding - In this moment feat. Rob Halford
  4. JessicaRC

    What's on your mind?

    Listened to a few songs already and liked what I heard
  5. JessicaRC

    What's on your mind?

    Thanks for the recommendation!
  6. JessicaRC

    What's on your mind?

    Came back here after what I realise now is a long time ago. So many things have been going on. Joined here to meet like minded people and not used to full potential. Looked back at my initial posts and wish I replied sooner and also missed so many bands in my reply!
  7. JessicaRC


    Good evening! Sorry for the long time between post and replies . Hello! OK, so by decades, seriously, i mean 20+ not quite 30. First band I was really into was Metallica and still really love the 80s and early 90s material. Though I'm a child of 1980s my dad listened to Deep Purple, Rainbow, Neil Young so probably exposed to 70s bands early on and started from being a nipper. We were both listening to Rammstein at the same point! As for what bands I'm into, lots! Metallica, Guns & Roses, Marilyn Manson, NiN, Devil Driver, SOAD, Korn just for starters. Been listening to a lot of NiN recently and got into Dutch prog rock band Focus. There's a few dates in UK that Focus are playing and will try and go along to see them. JRC
  8. JessicaRC


    Hi to all reading this. Metal fan for decades but just joined, please treat with care/caution.!