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  6. Who are your current top 5 bands?

    The Haunted, Van Halen, Vader, Death and Bob Dylan I've never enjoyed Slipknot or Korn, tho' I've been pleasantly surprised by a song or two but I'd think it would be safe to call them metal. Or else it will end up like today's politics where everything changes label every other minute. Miscalling will be inevitable in a revolutionary world.
  7. Word Association

  8. dream theater

    Last year I stumbled upon an Images & Words CD and gave it a couple of spins. I think my problem with Dream Theater is they sound to dreamy and whimsical. The ballads especially are all glitter and elvish handsomeness. The heaviness sounds glued on and it all appears a bit dishonest. Pull Me Under is cool but I can find little else that sounds inspiring. The last track on the album had some cool parts that I think stood out but it's all buried in there somewhere. I'm all for progressive music and I think Tool is a good Prog-Metal band but Dream Theater fails to convince me to like their songs, even with all their pro level musicianship and glittery dust.
  9. Looking for metal with rap in it

    Clawfinger would be the most rapmetal I could ever imagine. At least the best and heaviest with attitude.
  10. Controversial Metal Opinions

    Sure, at least you gave my case a look on. While we're talking about good Yngwie songs I'll recommend Caught in the Middle, I'll See the Light Tonight and Now Your Ships Are Burned. Won't crowd this tread with videos and stuff. Maybe there is an Yngwie thread somewhere. Another controversial Metal Opinion of mine is that I don't like Painkiller with Judas Priest very much. I've always been into the Defenders of the Faith period. The early mid-80s were the golden age of the band. But their most recent album I like now already from the start. Weird. It's also the same with Iron Maiden's Be Quick and Be Dead. It's got the same kinda vibe and it kinda makes the song a bit boring.
  11. Controversial Metal Opinions

  12. Controversial Metal Opinions

    Somebody's got their panties all tangled up it seems. You sure you're not thinking of that other guy who posted that Trilogy Suite thing? That would be a bad representation of what I'm trying to convey but if you actually listened to the songs I was talking about then fair enough.
  13. Controversial Metal Opinions

    He's using all the tropes of Power Metal, it'd be pretty nitpicky to not be able to call it that. I could list you a bunch of songs. Already listed two
  14. Rainbow

    Their Munich gig with Dio in 77´ is one of the best live records of all time. Cozy Powell's drumming was a very important ingredient. Blackmore seem to have an eye for good drummers.. or good musicians in general. Down to Earth with Graham Bonnet has some really good tunes as well, not just the radio hit.
  15. Controversial Metal Opinions

    I'm in no other case a fan of Power Metal and would never listen to Blind Guardian or Running Wild but Yngwie makes that genre work. He's letting out the ugly sounds while others would try to play pretty. Imagine it being a violin and Paganini would play it, dancing on the edge between triumph and disaster. He knows he'll pull it off and could do it with his eyes closed. The instrument would crumble under his fingers, he's playing it to death and he would just take another one. They're disposable, something will have to give way under his uncompromising grasp. The tone is gonna be pulled out of it until it's dry. Listen to the solo in Magic Mirror! Unsurpassed! On the Run Again is a powerhouse. Even his rhythm playing is a marvel of it's own.