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  1. My band Odeum Deus latest single on Spotify! Follow the band, there's gonna be a 10 track record coming next month. Write some imaginative criticism as well as link your material and I'll have a listen too!
  2. Dedicated to the objectively best bass guitar. It's a great looking bass with distinct outlines, pickguard and hook on the head. Whichever color you choose it will be the most beautiful bass you'll ever set your eyes on. Can be made to bite you in the ear with the sound of a ferocious beast or be as smooth as velvet on a baby's ass, very dynamically responsive. I own a fireglo 4003 model myself and it's a blast to play, feeling similar to a Gibson SG guitar (not bass) with a thin straight neck. Anybody else played one?
  3. I don't get how Somewhere in Time is regarded as their best by so many people. The first track is really killer but most of the other songs are let down by the choruses. It's an album of terrible choruses. Heaven Can Wait is a cool live song and Deja-Vu has got good energy going but this one really isn't my favorite. I do like all the songs on Piece of Mind though. Even Sun and Steel I think is kickass. I really enjoy No Prayer For the Dying but Mother Russia is such a drag. This album has got some really unique songwriting, especially for maiden. I haven't heard another band play like this at all. The two last songs are really bland but everything up to that point is raunchy, punch in the face, hose-swinging confidence. The guitar solos are incredible on this record. Then the band took a turn for the worse on the Fear of the Dark album. This one's got a lot of fillers but some people may be into the 90s sound. It's not terrible but lots of filler. Standouts would be Judas Be My Guide (wow), title track and perhaps Afraid To Shoot Strangers but I don't like this record much.
  4. The Haunted, Van Halen, Vader, Death and Bob Dylan I've never enjoyed Slipknot or Korn, tho' I've been pleasantly surprised by a song or two but I'd think it would be safe to call them metal. Or else it will end up like today's politics where everything changes label every other minute. Miscalling will be inevitable in a revolutionary world.
  5. Last year I stumbled upon an Images & Words CD and gave it a couple of spins. I think my problem with Dream Theater is they sound to dreamy and whimsical. The ballads especially are all glitter and elvish handsomeness. The heaviness sounds glued on and it all appears a bit dishonest. Pull Me Under is cool but I can find little else that sounds inspiring. The last track on the album had some cool parts that I think stood out but it's all buried in there somewhere. I'm all for progressive music and I think Tool is a good Prog-Metal band but Dream Theater fails to convince me to like their songs, even with all their pro level musicianship and glittery dust.
  6. Clawfinger would be the most rapmetal I could ever imagine. At least the best and heaviest with attitude.
  7. Sure, at least you gave my case a look on. While we're talking about good Yngwie songs I'll recommend Caught in the Middle, I'll See the Light Tonight and Now Your Ships Are Burned. Won't crowd this tread with videos and stuff. Maybe there is an Yngwie thread somewhere. Another controversial Metal Opinion of mine is that I don't like Painkiller with Judas Priest very much. I've always been into the Defenders of the Faith period. The early mid-80s were the golden age of the band. But their most recent album I like now already from the start. Weird. It's also the same with Iron Maiden's Be Quick and Be Dead. It's got the same kinda vibe and it kinda makes the song a bit boring.
  8. Somebody's got their panties all tangled up it seems. You sure you're not thinking of that other guy who posted that Trilogy Suite thing? That would be a bad representation of what I'm trying to convey but if you actually listened to the songs I was talking about then fair enough.
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