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  1. So what's the metal releases from this year that caught your eye? I've started keeping a YouTube playlist for whatever interests me(metal and hardcore punk) https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc7CtgwUYdNc06_QUDRP-DUZ77fcg7zYN
  2. It's bay area thrash. Which means it dropped off harder than the rest of the scenes when the 90s rolled around. Ignorance and Surf Nicaragua are a ton of fun however.
  3. Well the underground doesn't really tour a lote, even the number of good demos has decreased a fair bit.
  4. Mostly new hardcore punk/grindcore demos. There's a truckload of good ones this year. Blemish and Caustic Virus
  5. Anyone else feel this year has been slow in comparison to 2020 for good metal releases
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