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  1. I don't feel for anyone who actually chooses to live in a place where temperatures get cold enough for snow more than once a decade, in fact I think anyone that crazy should be put in an asylum.

    While it's currently snowing up on the mountains a couple of hours from here, here it's windy, pouring with rain and only 12 degrees, but I'm still in shorts and a t-shirt.


  2. I've got a 'cook book' called Mosh Potatoes. I got it about 15 or so year back and it's a bunch of metal musos sharing recipes. There is a few completely weird and downright stupid recipes in it, whodathunk metal heads could be silly just for the sake of it, but there is also some edible meals in it.

  3. I couldn't be fucked keeping this BS going, but I can't have you thinking you've upset someone, or me. What I stated wasn't aimed at you, sure you mentioned sub genres but you weren't telling anyone they were wrong, you even used the term 'super thrashy'! From now on I'm only going to accept two genres of thrash, thrash and super thrash.

  4. If you can't see the difference between having a discussion and what I described then you really haven't read what I said, you've read what you thought I said. But as I also said, each to their own, I have no intentions of trying to change the way people think.


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