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  1. My parents wouldn't expect us to look after them. Mow the lawn, clean the house maybe that sort of stuff but if they can't cook for themselves they'll put themselves into a retirement home. The time will come when they want to get out of the house they are in, mum already pays a gardener to do the any gardening that isn't vegetable. Dad just seems to want to remind me constantly that it's going to happen. What he doesn't realise is that I know it's going to happen and I have plans for that bit of dirt!!
  2. Biting Uncle Clive's Knockers. DHOW
  3. Geez I'd be fucked if I was going to have to rely on my kids to look after me. They know how to cook, clean, tend to the right things etc etc, but like me at that age they make fucking useless care givers. Whenever anything gets done around my parents house, like adding some solar panels to the shed or cleaning the gutters or lopping trees, my old man always has the brightest outlook lately. "Well, I wont be here when those next need cleaning." "That's an issue for the next owner." "That will last longer than I will." I got over thinking about it a while ago and now days just throw back a smart arse comment like "then why the fuck are we doing it", or "fair enough lets fucking ignore it and hope it goes away for a few years." The problem with either statement is that my brother and I, more likely I, will be the ones that deal with it because when my parents get out of the house, no matter where they go, we are the next owners.
  4. Smoking Hash Aint Trendy PIKE
  5. Home electrician for decades. I love making circuits. I once made a guitar pedal for my cuz. I'm currently making a voltage sensitive relay to switch a battery in and out of a solar system.
  6. It's a camel Feral Aardvarks Really Kill FLOP
  7. Simple Man Undresses Gumby OONT
  8. Yeah I tend to agree, There last few albums have just blended together in my mind which is why I can't actually remember listening to them. It was one listen, hear the same thing, forget about it.
  9. Lunatic Edwardo's Anal Fetishes SING
  10. I knew there had to be a reason Bobby did it so well.
  11. I remember liking that and the debut album. I know I've heard a few of their songs since but they haven't taken me like those first two albums did. I don't even remember the last time I listened to AA. I have heard Johan sing with a few people like Doro and didn't mind it but never really gone back to the band.
  12. Fark, nearly thread necro! Can't Operate Dead Engines DILL
  13. My first amplifier was a 25W four channel valve amp that I made myself. (I realise the topic is about guitar amps but I don't care I just want to be involved!)
  14. Wings Of War still has the best Bruce Springsteen impersonation of any metal album.
  15. The Obsessed - Gilded Sorrow (again)
  16. That's a band I could never really get into.
  17. Coroner are shit This guy knows what he's taking about...
  18. FKU - Rise Of The Mosh Mongers
  19. Bonejammer - Another Day In Paradise
  20. Like Doc does his own shopping, he has peons to do the daily mundane tasks like interaction with plebs.
  21. I fucking hate that. The number of fucking idiot delivery men I've had out here on the farm over the years who get told turn their vehicles in a particular spot but think they know better is stupid. I've had everything from vans to semi trailers, from small ruts to full on stuck vehicles and drivers begging me to pull them out with the tractor. If it wasn't an inconvenience to me to leave the idiots when they get stuck I'd do it, but I don't need them hanging around any longer than they have too.
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