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  1. Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth
  2. I used to listen to talk back radio in the tractor (my walking cane and membership card for the Grumpy Old Farts Club should arrive tomorrow! ) and although it didn't bother me because it was radio, I'd often miss out on conversations or part there of because I'd be in and out of the cab opening gates and moving stuff. I kind of see podcasts, the chatty ones anyway, as the same thing. I suppose if I really found something to get hooked on I'd figure out a way, maybe even a time to sit down and listen to podcasts just like I listen to/watch the news but as yet I haven't seen that hook float past.
  3. Hanging up art for a display? But then I'd have to have visitors to appreciate my art choice. That's a hell of risk!
  4. I'd have to have a way of saving podcasts because most of the time I'd get to listen to them would be when I wasn't in range of the internet. I presume saving them is an option but I've never looked into it because I guess I've never found anything compelling enough that I wanted to make the effort.
  5. Thankfully some of the grass roots events don't have the money and the ability to put on the big show. They can still smash chairs over each other, jump off the top rope and things like that but the big moves, the really high risk moves just don't make it and therefore it's easier to watch.
  6. Listen to it on bandcamp and decided if you want to buy it. Can get the digital for $6 or the vinyl for $25 direct from MB.
  7. Running on water would be handy sometimes, but I get the feeling testing the theory might not end that well for me. A 24 inch bikky sounds like a dieters dream, "I'm just going to have one biscuit with this glass of water because I want to remain healthy and not break my diet!"
  8. I've never listened to a podcast. I occasionally hear of one that tweaks my interest but have never bothered checking one out. I know some people live for their daily podcasts just like people used to tune into radio stations for the drive to work or the drive home, or whatever. I've just never got the same urge.
  9. Got to put a new gate on the bull's paddock today. Was driving past the bulls paddock, which is always separated from the girls for obvious reasons, and our resident pyscho beast decided he wanted the hay on the back of the tractor instead of the bale I'd already thrown over the fence for him. It took him multiple shots but the the gate bent just like it was in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Thankfully it will be a quick job because hanging out in the bulls paddock is not something we take lightly, but it's better than getting the 1250kg beast into the race and trying to get him on a truck.
  10. W.A.S.P. - Inside The Electric Circus
  11. Seems no one joins wanting to talk about lengths of metal, off cuts and latest welding techniques, but welcome to the forums anyway Robert!
  12. For me wrestling stopped being entertaining when it became so over the top. There was always an over the top element to it, but when every move, in every match started becoming high risk and over the top, then every wrestler seemed to want to out do the other in the showman stakes, I just got sick of it. For me it became more show than substance and it just wasn't as interesting. I give them credit for taking the hits they do and training (with or without drugs) to be the sort of entertainers they are but there is only so times one can do shit like turning over ambulances and getting hit by cars before it gets boring for me.
  13. My bad sleeping habits have come from two things. Long haul truck driving for too many years where I was restricted by log book hours to no more than 18 hours driving in a 24 hour block. Because it wasn't often possible/convenient to take 6 hours at a time I'd pull up on the side of the road or at a truck stop and kip for a few hours, then kick the tyres and get back on the road. Rinse and repeat for 5 days then come home and spend a day or so barely sleeping at home or just get back in the truck and do it all again. The second reason is because I didn't listen to experts and doctors etc who told me when I was younger that getting into bad sleeping habits are a lot easier than returning to good sleeping habits.
  14. You're not wrong about players being expensive. I remember being able to pay less than $100 for a decent, but still mid range turntables when I was a kid. Now days it seems like the only turntables are $300+, (although I'm sure places like Fleabay etc have them cheaper).
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