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  1. 31 minutes ago, navybsn said:

    What do you think? I bought it kinda randomly. Just picked one of the five they released this year. I dig that they do lots of different stuff on each release, but I think I'm at critical mass with my KG collection. Out of the 6-7 albums I have, I'm still unsure that each new one really adds anything new to the conversation. Don't get me wrong, I like them and they're phenomenal live, but it's past the point of overload with the volume of new music they release. I'd say the same for OSees (OC's, Thee Oh Sees, whatever they're going by next) but they seemed to have slowed down their output in the past couple of years whereas KG just seems to be getting ramped up.

    I think it's the best of the three albums they released last month and the weird thing is that I find the shortest song Lava (6:40) is the one that drags on the most. I don't think that makes sense but it's the truth. However when it comes to my favourite release from this year it's actually Omnium Gatherum which was released earlier this year.

    You're not wrong about increasing their output. They've been around something like 12 years and got 20 studio releases but including live releases that is somewhere up in the mid 30's, They've released 8 albums this year from memory.


  2. 20 hours ago, Dead1 said:


    Is Anthrax kind of dead?  Just noticed Charlie Benante is committing a bit more long term to playing with Pantera ie up to 2024!  Anthrax keep talking about a new album but it seems just hollow talk as nothing is known.  And Charlies isn't just the drummer but also the main song writer!


    If I were a betting man I'd put my money on the idea that Scott and Charlie are scraping the barrel and struggling to live up to the hype they gave the new songs. So projects like Pantera, like all the shitty bands Scott has, Joey's Journey band, Jon's Shadow Fall and Living Wreckage projects and Frank's solo stuff have just become convenient excuses to push the new album out and hope that fans actually get desperate enough for a new album that they'll be thankful for anything. But one look at most forums, fan sites etc shows that that isn't working fans are turning against them in droves, and they didn't have that many in the first place.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Dead1 said:

    Band name always makes me think of a goat tarted up in 1980s Sunset Strip hooker attire - miniskirt, fishnets, red high heels, too much bad makeup and a 1980s hairdo.  No doubt that mental image has got the goat metallers erect! 

    They don't all wear red high heels



    NP: Lowest Creature : Sacrilegious Pain


  4. Last album? Where did you hear that?

    Despite it taking 153 years for Metallica to record something, just slightly shy of Anthrax's 196 years, I haven't heard or read anything about this being the last album. Lars himself says he'd like to keep the band going into his 70's.

    72 Seasons = 18 years, supposedly the time we are influenced by our parents and formed in their shadow (as per the gospel similar according to James).

  5. I like the confidence Tom shows in the recording industry. Apparently he told BMG he didn't want Cold Lake appearing in the reissues because it added nothing to the CF catalogue and they agreed. But he's got no doubt after he dies some record company is going to ignore such a request and there will be Cold Lake reissues available in short time to milk a few pennies from it.


  6. There is quite a few nods to the past in the song, not sure if that's enough to make it great though. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the album sounds like and if it's more of this or more of their more recent stuff.

    I wonder how Lars is going to go into the future. He not long ago said he could see himself playing live up into his seventies (twenty years into the future at the time), but this sort of song does crack a bit of pace for the guy. Will he be able to cope or will they slow this song down live like they have over the years with so many of their classics.


  7. I ordered a new sim card from my telco last Monday, after 40 odd minutes on the phone and about 5 disconnections they eventually got everything sorted and promised me the sim card would be in the mail once the first month's bill was received from the CC. The money was out within 3 hours, the emails confirming the new card, the new account and the set up details were emailed to me with "the card is in the mail' on each email. A week on and today I get an email telling me my order was accepted and I'd be notified when the new sim card is leaving the warehouse. I know we have to pass stupid numbers of checks for new phone services in this country but if the sim card was 'in the mail' last week, obviously they sent it to themselves so the warehouse could re-send it to me when they felt like. I should be able to do the same with the bill, "yeah it's in the mail, but you'll have to wait until I accept that it's my bill!"



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