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  1. We only have issues with condensation in the rooms that face south during the winter, but you're right it makes sense to have them. I think the guy that built this house decided that he'd left so many gaps, holes, crevices and fuck ups in this house that it was going to breath just fine without eaves, or maybe it's just bad building.

    This one is a steel framed house to so there is all sort of gaps and things I never expected. The couple down the road, essentially our neighbours but there's 5 fences between us and I couldn't hear them if they yelled, have a steel frame house from the same builder and the wife hates it with a vengeance. Makes too much noise as it expands, makes too much noise as it contracts, she's half deaf and refuses to wear her hearing aid around the house yet she can hear the house move in the weather. I think she wanted to thump me the day I told her I don't even hear such noises these days.


  2. One thing that really shits me is that this house is build without eaves. I was doubtful when I chose this design that not having eaves was the best idea and I wish I'd listened to those doubts. I've got powered roof fans at the high points of the roof which do extract heat, but they still don't cool the roof space down that much. Having eaves wouldn't solve the heat issues but it would go a ways to improving it.

  3. Well there ya go. Hoover's been around since the 60's and I think most Aussies have known it's a brand rather than a job for most of that time. For many years we had Hoover ads everywhere, it was hard not to know it was a brand name. How we never took on the word as a job is beyond me though because we took on things like Band Aid. We've got generations of people who never knew band aid was a brand name, they just thought it was a generic name for a bandage stuck over an open wound that made it heal quicker. I guess there is a lot of genericized trademarks around the world.

  4. It supposedly keeps the heat out in summer and in, in the winter, how well it does it I don't know but scientists have been saying it works for decades so for such a small cost I believe them. I know there is a hell of a difference between the roof cavity and the rooms below and there is only insulation and wall plaster separating them. I was up in the roof the other day running some cables for security cameras and it was mid 20's outside but the roof space was so hot the filthy dust and old bushfire ash was clinging to my sweat when I got out. So I'm going with insulation does something!


  5. Our builder wasn't even a volume builder, they can't afford to be a volume builder when they have to travel 40 minutes between builds and can't have the same tradesman work multiple sites at a time. The building industry is just shit in this country.

    I could probably live anywhere in this country if I tried, but my problem is that anywhere I have lived it hasn't take that long to stop seeing the beauty of the place. I love Perth, but if I lived there I'd have to get a job to pay the bills, that alone wouldn't stop me seeing the beauty of the place but it would certainly help.

  6. I have no idea what difference it makes practically but when my house was built I put insulation batts in all the external walls. The builder was against it, he made all sorts of claims that if there was any problems he would be responsible etc, but I told him once the brick work was done I'd do the batts and I wasn't letting him plaster the walls without it. I don't really know if I have saved any money, or made heating and cooling better but I'm glad I did it.

    I think years and years of boosting the building industry through government grants and home owner grants, then through schemes to employ apprentices etc have made the building industry here very lazy, many builders cut lots of corners they think wont be inspected, many inspectors don't do their jobs properly and design laws are so lax compared to what they used to be that they get away with building tents.


  7. Even on a day like today it's only 26 degrees but the water is probably as warm as you'd want it for a baby's bath. It would be good if you could run without a hot water heater just by running pipes through the hot roof cavity, but while the water is bloody hot it's not consistent enough to rely on as hot water. I've often wondered how many people in newer houses are being environmentally conscious while at the same time wasting litres of water waiting for it to cool in the summer and waiting for ages for it to warm in the winter.

    Most of the time my wife does it she watches water go down the sink until it's at her desired temp, but I grew up on tank water and not watching it go down the sink was burnt into my brain at a very young age.

  8. They create hell inside the house too. 30 years ago they used copper pipe in the wall to run water around the house. These days they use plastic pipe and run it through the roof along the shortest path. It's good for the plumbers pocket because they still charge like a wounded bull, but it's fucking terrible in the Summer.

    Last week when the temp was only 31 during the day, at 6pm just before the storm hit, the water in our kitchen, the furthest point from where the water enters the house was so hot I couldn't put my hand under it. I usually waste (use alternatively) 4 litres of cold water waiting for the kitchen taps to get hot enough to do dishes. The other day I nearly filled both sinks, approx 9 litres before the cold water tap was giving me cold water.

  9. Adelaide seems to get extremes, frosts in winter and heatwaves in summer, but not constantly either.

    Outside of Melbourne it doesn't seem as hot but it's definitely the humidity that kills the heat. We had 31 the other day and then just before the storm arrived it became sticky and warm, then it absolutely hammered down for 40 minutes, remained dark until 8pm and the sun came out again and everything steamed up. I was a shitty day, I'd much rather 40 degree that hot steamy rain.

  10. In this country hover seems to immediately make people think helicopter parent. It's becoming like that stupid idea of calling people Karen. If someone mentions a person hovering some idiot always has to pipe up with something about the person's parenting ability because so many people are stupid.

    We also don't often hoover in this country (cause we love dust!). Although Hoovers were once very big sellers in this country people tend to vacuum here rather than use the brand name.

  11. One thing that annoys me about audio cassettes is their longevity. Sure they can be stretched and eaten by the player but in general they do last. Whereas video cassettes are bloody terrible for storing as an archive. A video tape stretches a lot more when it's played and run over the play heads, which does eventually decrease it's life span, but I have hundreds of cassettes that still play fine, whereas my collection of VHS tapes are all slowly dying while being stored in exactly the same manner as the cassettes.

  12. That's sure to get you odd looks at the record store.

    "We haven't got STD's You Love To Hate by Jock Strap and the Incredible Itch on CD but we have got it on cassette, would you like that?"

    "No thanks just give me herpes instead!"

    "Okay sir, just wait until I step around the counter!"

  13. 16 hours ago, Dead1 said:

    I also occasionally binge on Youtube New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal and New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal  channels though to be honest these are seldom anything I want to buy,,

    I agree with that. It wasn't that long ago that I'd find the occasional band that required a further look on those channels but I think these days there is just too much of the same thing. Good on them for keeping it running but I can go months without looking at it then skim through a dozen bands that sound almost identical.


    16 hours ago, Dead1 said:

    I still go to Blabbermouth but it's becoming more about how much Lars sold his house for or which celebrity said what regarding COVID.

    It's funny what that site actually thinks is metal or music news. Metal Injection has terrible writers and is always slow with news and Bravewords is slightly better than both, but at least they generally stick to metal and hard rock, Blabber is the TMZ of the webworld. The comments section of Blabber is real life emanating my mother's words when I was a kid. "There is always someone worse of that you!"

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