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  1. I have a whole bunch of interviews from the 80's and early 90's on cassettes in storage somewhere. Pretty much every metal band that toured Oz in that time, which wasn't that many, heaps of locals bands and some international acts. Some were recorded off the radio, but a lot were straight of the desk in the radio booth. No idea why I still keep them, I never listen to them and I doubt they are unique, but they are there.

  2. Again it all depends on your view of horror. Because of things like parents dying, murder plots, kids turning into donkeys and other things the movie frightened people. In today's climate it's obviously fairly tame, and probably been edited beyond recognition. But in the 40's when it was released Hollywood were barely able to show two people laying down and kissing, so it's not surprising that people were shocked by it. The same things happens now, many of the shocks of the 70's 80's and 90's just don't cut it with today's audiences, but there is always people who remember specific scenes of horror from those times.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Nasty_Cabbage said:

    The Mist is guilty of having one of the most heavy handed clumsy antagonists in movie history. 1970's soap opera writers would've read that screenplay and said "Umm... so this crazy church lady, you don't think she's a little over the top?" It's a good thing the movie had the ending it did or she would've ruined the whole thing with her absurd 'Look at me. I am a plot device and not a good one.' bullshit. The ending is what it is, though. I suppose I should be surprised that nobody had played the ultimate no consolation prize, do not pass Go, do not collect 200 ending before so that's something at least.

    I haven't watched the Mist for so long I don't remember it. I don't even think I saw the mini series, but I do have the movie on DVD. I remember the book though.

    10 minutes ago, Nasty_Cabbage said:

    The elements of horror are there for it to be a paint-by-numbers film,


    That I understand...

    11 minutes ago, Nasty_Cabbage said:

    it absolutely defies the viewers expectations at every turn.

    But that I don't. Perhaps it's because I read the book before seeing the movie, who knows.


    Horror is different for everyone though, good horror is even more decisive.  Clearly shown by Time Magazine rating the original Bambi movie in the top 25 horror movies of all time.


  4. 11 minutes ago, RexKeltoi said:

    I think it was based on the short story Trucks? I liked it the soundtrack was good but that could be said for most of the early movies made from Kings books. I think King hated the movie if I remember correctly


    Yeah. It was only a short story so there was very little detail to begin with but the movie didn't improve that. King produced it so you'd kind of hope he didn't hate it. He even had a small roll in it. Although Joe Hill has expressed an interest in reshooting the movie so I guess he wasn't a huge fan.

    The only downside of the sound track was that it wasn't new songs when it came out so those of us that were waiting for a new AC/DC album really on got a best of album.


  5. 1 hour ago, RexKeltoi said:

    Its hard to rate The Mist since it was such a short story, same could be said about The Body which was adapted into Stand By Me which other than Carrie could be the best adaption of his works IMHO.

    That's a bit harsh, you're forgetting Maximum Overdrive!


  6. King's not known for his film making though. He assists on many of the movies adapted from his books but he's not a film maker, even the ones he's had full production credits on haven't been lone wolf projects. So it would be silly to suggest he is a better film maker than novelist given he's made a career writing books. It is however arguable that the movie adaptations that he's been a part of are better than the ones where he's had no input. But he's still not a film maker.

  7. The stuff with silly titles like "I thought I farted but I shat" and "I glued my balls to my ass again"?

    One of my kids linked me to one of them a few months back and now the fucking things wont get out of my YT feed. But those lead to a heap of shitty recs from someone calling them self Looser Records which are just AI generated metal with metal-esque looking covers.

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