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  1. Looks awesome, Rexorcist! A solid list of metal classics and favorites.
  2. I enjoy the Rhapsody, Mastodon, Sadus, and Bullet for My Valentine feature releases. I might try the Karnivool album that is this month's feature release in The Gateway.
  3. I enjoy my submissions in the Gateway playlist, along with that Spiritbox song..
  4. I had fun creating the Revolution playlist and can't wait to do next month's. The Infinite playlist made by Saxy S. is a great wild ride. And submitting those Persefone and Trivium masterpieces as the Infinite and Revolution feature releases for this month was worth it for good reception. Seems like The Infinite and Revolution forces are still strong within me...
  5. My favorite August featured releases are the albums by Katatonia, Leprous, Skycamefalling, and OLD (the former two being my own submissions). The Saxon one isn't the total best, but it was worth trying...
  6. My favorite June featured release so far is The Gathering album. I might also try that Dir En Grey release...
  7. I appreciate your support, Vinny! I also enjoyed a few of the tracks in the beginning that Horde playlist, which were the last ones from that clan for me before I announced my departure from death metal (long story)...
  8. Howdy! I'm glad to join this site to discuss all things metal, along with doing any necessary promoting in the "Promote Yourself" section. I enjoy metalcore/melodic metalcore, progressive/post-metal, heavy/power metal, and gothic/doom metal, among a few other metal genres. I probably wouldn't have been a metalhead if it wasn't for my usually alt-rock-loving brother, but that's a different long story for another time. And that's all I have to say for now. Stay heavy, great metalheads!
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