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Found 1 result

  1. It's finally here, my top 100 metal albums of all time! I understand that most people have a hard time keeping a consistent top 100 and it usually changes depending on mood. Thankfully, I have a system for keeping it consistent! This list is based on a system I devised for assigning a ranking score to every album I listen to, every movie I watch, every game I play and every book I read. The system is simple: don't just pick 100 random albums based on mood, but don't let the critics tell you what to love. This keeps me from just randomly picking 100 power metal albums with the occasional thrash or black album. This way, I can judge every album fairly not by what I want the album to sound like (which is pretty unfair, since I can't expect that from every band I'm recommended), but what IMPRESSES ME the most based on what they're trying to accomplish. I ask myself four questions with every piece of art I subject myself to. For the sake of the thread, let's just use albums: 1. What is the goal of the album? Genre is usually taken into account for this, but other factor can be issued in. Examples: does the album have a concept? Is it just dicking around? Is this an effort to sell out while still being enjoyable? 2. Does the album meet that goal? Not every album meets its goal. Some music tries to be super heavy, but occasionally the production ruins them. Some try to be more melodic, but the melodies suck. 3. What mistakes were when trying to meet the goal? This question takes things like forgetting decent production or including filler or halfassing lyrics. 4. Did the better aspects of the album make up for the mistakes? Usually it doesn't. However, this list is specifically for those albums that either didn't have mistakes or were able to make up for the mistakes. Example: British Steel by Judas Priest did NOT make the list because the style was a bit more generic than previous Priest albums, but the tunes were still very catchy, but that didn't quite make up for the mistakes to the point that it would make the list. This top 100 is based on what impresses me the most. I'm more interested in seeing what the bands can do with their own genres rather than just sticking with my favorite genres, so this system helps me explore more genres and get into more moods. This is a top 100 based entirely on my opinions, but I made sure the list was all-inclusive. And don't worry: these definitely are the 100 metal albums that impresses me the most, and there are a few brutally unconventional choices scattered throughout the album that I'm excited to talk about. HOW THIS THREAD WORKS: I'm gonna do this Movieforums-style. For the sake of maximizing discussion, I will only post five albums at once, going from #100-#1, so as to allow time for people to discuss the album choices. Each album will have the cover and genres posted with a short commentary on why I believe it should go on my list. I will either do this once or twice in a single day depending on whether or not I'm working mornings. And after each five, I'll let you know if there are any surprises or typical choices in the next five. Well, I hope you enjoy the list! Numbers 100-96 will appear shortly. SPACE RESERVED FOR RECOUNTING THE ALBUMS.
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