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    GoatmasterGeneral given a Damn from MacabreEternal in Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast" (1982)   
    Rare that I will read 4 paragraphs about Iron Maiden and agree with just about every word. Killers was their unquestionable apex and for me Piece of Mind would be their next best effort, even if it was to some extent a one-sided affair.
    As far as Number of the Beast, I have heard more than a few punters call it out as their fave which always seemed strange to me. Hallowed always stood out as the alpha dog here in my mind.
    But yes, even after all these years Run to the Hills does still provoke some combo of nostalgia and adrenaline, at least through the first chorus. RttH was actually the first Maiden song I ever heard here in the US, I guess that makes sense to be the single here in the states with its cowboys and Indians theme. I heard it in my car on the radio back in a time when you might hear a metal song on the radio once in a blue moon.
    I was a bit older than 6 when it came out though, I was 20 in March of '82 so unlike most of you I have no memories of growing up with Maiden or the nwobhm from my teenage years. I do remember going back to get their first two records and wondering 'What the fuck were they thinking?!? They should've kept this guy!' (Di'Anno) but clearly I am well in the minority with this view.
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