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  1. Omg its time to make a confession... So it took me a few hundred years to admit this but YOU DID NOT MISS HEAR Carreau YOU DID HEAR right only I was the one who shouted " I AM SHE-RA." I was gonna tell you but swords had already been drawn..🤷
  2. 😍 You remind me of someone I knew. I think we may have met at that satanic ritual partaay that kinda bored us to the point we didn't even stay for the sacrifice and left.. Around like 300 yrs ago. Think we started our own party and got our own cult following.. Though Lucifer tried getting involved and was taking all the attention so it all dispersed. Was good fun while it lasted though. Good times. 🤘
  3. Found this site and joined. Into all things Gothic, finding beauty in the dark. Be my friend and handover to me your soul.. Than join my cult. 😝
  4. Hey I'm based in London, south of the river. I want to work with artists that are into Gothic metal like me. Message me. C
  5. Hey I can do that. Where are you based? I'm south east London.
  6. Im a female vocalist.. Im looking to start a gothic, metal band, and the whole dressing up from the 17th century needs to be included. 😍
  7. What kind of female vocalist are you looking for? C