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  1. Hi all, All interviews were carried out with global participants from all over the world via Skype. It was not limited to students and I did not interview anyone who was at my level of education. I was not studying myself in that sense. Also thank you for correcting my grammar. It was a typo as I'm well aware of the use of apostrophes. It's usually me who's correcting grammar so this was a refreshing moment! Thanks for your well wishes. I'm not used to these forums but I've been told people tend to speak their mind like they're the experts (who have been researching social research methodology and existing literature for some years...) and I can now vouch for that.
  2. Hi all, Was surprised to see this negative attention for my research but is expected when posting anything online. Research into gender and ethnicity proves very crucial in today's climate. By understanding what groups go through we can work to make a more stable and understanding society for all members involved. Just because you think this topic is silly or fun does not mean this research may not help others who are not in your position as subcultures can often been seen as a microcosm for wider society. Metal music is a passion of mine so naturally I want to hear the voices of those who may be marginalised (or not) in this subculture as a non-white, female fan of metal myself. I wouldn't call this something as extreme as "playing into my own agenda" but see it how you wish. Finally, I am not being funded for this. It is through my own volition. It is a part of my degree along with more "school-friendly" modules. If you wish to read my dissertation when it is finished, I will come back here and post it when all is finalised. Thanks for your well wishes.
  3. Hi, no horror movie here... Just a metal fan hoping to shed light on the experiences of females in this community.
  4. OLD RESEARCH - COMPLETED - NO LONGER IN NEED OF GLOBAL PARTICPANTS Hi, my name is Ria and I'm in my final year of my Sociology degree at the University of Leeds, UK. I’ve been a loyal fan of metal music my whole life and like to spend my time exploring the Northern metal scene. I regularly go to metal festivals in the UK such as Download and Damnation in Leeds. This year I had the opportunity to interview at Damnation festival in Leeds which was a lot of fun. I also have my own metal radio show on Leeds Student Radio where I showcase my love of alternative music and its history! For my degree, I have chosen to partake in a metal music studies dissertation. You could say I'm a bit too in love with metal! I am here to advertise my research in the hope of finding participants. My research is concerned with the role of gender and ethnicity on a woman's experience of the metal community/subculture. I'm looking for participants which I can interview over Skype or in person if you're local to Leeds. So please, if you’re interested in taking part, drop me a message (my email is at the bottom of this message) and we can talk about it further! I'm happy to answer any questions or have a general chat about metal studies! Best, Ria [email protected]