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  1. Been really digging these guys. Haven't heard a song I didn't like.
  2. So of the big 4 I've seen 3 live. Matalica in 98, slayer and anthrax on there farewell tour. On the live performance side of things they all did great shows. The slayer show imho was a more meaningful show. There was a fell to it that I hadn't experienced befor at any other show. The band seemed to be more in tune to each other. I feel this is because they new this was the end of touring for them. At the end of the show when Tom Araya spoke it seemed he was a little choked up and maybe she'd a tear. There was an energy that cant be explained. When I saw matallica it was my first concert and it was awsome but they will never play at this stage again. At this show got to see James beat the hell out of a guy. This guy had thrown a bottle out of the pit. The bottle hit cliff in the face if I remember correctly. James was spotlighted and explained what bullshit it was. The crowd separated and threw the guy over the fence then James proceeded to wail away. Anthrax put a good show on but I never did understand why they made the top 4. There were other bands at the time that I think should have been considered. Imo I think that I prefer exodus more. Now magadeath, I've always been a big fan of. Even though Dave is an absolute asshole like karry king. Would like to see them live but they arnt as young as they were. One thing I dont fell they are washed up like matallica though now that they are drug free and no alcohol matallicas gone soft. So of the 4 I'd say fucking slayer, magadeath, matallica then anthrax.
  3. Matallica had there time now there just washed up imho. Dave is still an asshole but hay they got were I and most of us haven't. There both great bands. Both are why I got into guitar
  4. Were is the thrash metal