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    Epic thrash metal band from Spain!
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    Madrid, Spain

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  1. We are Feel No Pain, a thrash metal band from Spain, and we have just released a new E.P. called Into The Chaos, just an intro and 3 songs, but enough to blow you away! We are heavily influenced by epic thrash like old Metallica/Sepultura/Slayer, but with plenty of guitar harmonies á la Iron Maiden/In Flames, and with some death metal hints in the vocals and the drums, there´s no limits! Here is the amazing cover by french artist Remy Cooper Here is a crazy lyric video we made, for the song Sky Burial And here the playlist of the E.P. in streaming in Youtube Hope you enjoy it, follow us on Facebook if you wanna stay updated! Feel No Pain on Facebook
  2. Would have a harder time choosing a top 10, but i´m pretty sure of my top 5: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Pantera and Blind Guardian
  3. I play guitar and like seeing how things are played, but a lyric video has more room for creativity (if the band is not lazy)
  4. Hi! Feel No Pain is the name of my band, we are from Spain and play a mix of thrash, heavy, and some death metal hints. I always loved the forum format, it looks like social media have taken over it, but in my opinnion communication is so much better in forums, so i´m glad to be joining a metal forum with real activity in 2018!
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