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  1. Hey Guys, my name is attt, I'm for Germany and totally into Thrash- and Speedmetal. I like progressive stuff as well, as long as there's either power and/or groove in it. I already left a post in the promotion section ( https://www.metalforum.com/topic/15426-rezet-speed-thrashmetal-from-northern-germany/ ) Cheers
  2. Metalheads!! Do you have a passion for Thrash- and Speedmetal? Do you worship (old) Megadeth, Metallica, Kreator and all the other heroes? The Thrash-/Speedmetal formation "Rezet" from Germany released their much anticipated third full lenght record "Reality Is A Lie" on May the 27th this year and here's an impression of it. We would like you to enjoy and maybe share the hell out of this Video if you like to! Let's get this viral! Have a great day and stay heavy Don't forget to visit us on Facebook and/or our Homepage! http://www.rezet.de/ https://www.facebook.com/rezetband
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