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  1. I heard that singing metal improperly can really mess your voice up. But I would suggest looking it up, drinking enough water, and staying in your range. I'm new to being a vocalist, but that's what I heard online.
  2. I'm a metal vocalist, singing style inspired by Phil Anselmo (Pantera). My name is Michael, I'm 14, and I just want to make a metal band with people around my age (13-17, preferably, but I'm open to anyone at this point). Please email and join discord server if interested. Email: [email protected] Discord Server: https://discord.gg/rMPrfNZr
  3. I'm looking for: 1 guitarist(1 Rythm guitarist as well if possible)1 bassist and 1 Drummer Age: preferably 14-17, since I'm 14. Anyone is welcome. Email me if you are interested : [email protected]
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