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  1. MEGADETH. Chris Broderick/Poland, Kiko Loureiro, MARTY FRIEDMAN => the musicianship the songs = no contest.
  2. 1. Marty Friedman - Megadeth/Cacophony (Jackson) 2. Kiko Loureiro - Angra/Megadeth (Ibanez) 3. Paul Gilbert (Ibanez) 4. John Petrucci (early Ibanez) 5. James Murphy - THE O.G. DM guitarist (early Ibanez esp. on Convergence) 6. Vogg Kieltyka - Decapitated (Ibanez) and not in the list because he defies categorization - STEVE VAI. (the guy who put IBANEZ on the map)
  3. 1. DEATH. Period - Chuck Shuldiner (Spiritual Healing/Human/Inv. Thought Patterns w/ Andy LaRocque) 2. DECAPITATED - Sir Vogg and co. - every record KILLS esp. the first Winds of Creation and Organic Hallucinosis 3. VAAAAADERRRR - Polish OG band. Piotr and now Spyder with James Stewart from Decap. OMG. 4. Skeletal Remains - current day Tampa FL (old school) band outta L.A. 5. Suffocation - cmon - mandatory listening esp with Mike Smith 6. Bolt Thrower - the OG. 7. Possessed - 1st record. Larry LaLonde HAILING the LORD Satan. 8. Obituary - Cause of Death - James Murphy \m/ 9. Cannibal - if anything cuz George is a BEAST, and loves Target LOL, and Paul pounds like no other - welcome Erik Rutan 10. Deicide - cuz Satan. Period. Tech-death... Obscura/NECROPHAGIST/DESECRAVITY - tech death feeds my guitar player soul. the rest don't fall into this category...Venom/Bathory/Gorgoroth(Black), Pantera (DIME), MEGADETH (thrash), Exmortus (neoclassical), KREATOR, Sepultura (80's), Morbid (80's) Altars and Covenant
  4. shouts out to the forum from Tokyo.🤘😈 just found this forum - hope to learn about some new extreme death and black metal bands
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