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  1. I've been able to finally start reading again last year, after many years of struggling due to excessive work etc. I've mainly stuck to lighter fantasy/ scifi to keep it fun. Here's some of my latest books.

    The Broken Earth trilogy by N. K. Jemmisin. Currently on book 3 and struggling, she's lost the plot a bit, but the first two books were really good!

    The Fourth Wing and Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros. Romancy/fantasy. Not deep but very entertaining and with some great plot twists.

    Song of Achilles by Madeleine Miller. A fictional re-telling of the story of Achilles and his lover Patroclus from the Illiad. Incredible language, beautifully written, and of course tragic as hell.

    The Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. Dark academia, set in Yale. All the secret societies practice actual magic, and the ninth society Lethe is tasked with keeping them all in check. Also a very well-written book, with a very compelling lead character.

  2. On 12/20/2023 at 12:54 AM, RelentlessOblivion said:

    +1 even as someone who does sort of like Maiden I find bruises, solo output entirely unlistenableI find Bruce’s solo output entirely unlistenable..

    I personally think most of Bruce' solo albums are better then any full album Maiden put out since.... Fear of the dark.


    Some singles heralding new albums:

    Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will 22 March


    My Dying Bride - A mortal binding 19th April


    Acathexis - Immerse 20 March


  3. On 11/27/2023 at 12:20 PM, JonoBlade said:

    The family watched Saving Private Ryan on Saturday night. No nightmares for my 13 year old, so that was a good result.

    The German soldier which was spared earlier in the film was the one which shot Tom Hanks (spoiler alert) at the end, and was not in the slow stabbing scene. That was the only part of the film we all hid under a blanket for.

    Funny how we misremember things. For example, the scene where the medic gets shot and asks for morphine, I could have sworn went on for longer and he had someone fishing around in his leg for a severed artery. That must have been another film where the medic gets shot. Anyone remember it?

    Also, I completely forgot the gist of the final set piece, where Tom Hanks and crew A-Team their way through defending a bridge. It was a bit contrived, but Spielberg I guess can't help himself when making a Hollywood blockbuster.

    We watched Gary Oldman Churchill his way through "Darkest Hour" on Sunday. It was fine. 

    My take home point was the Tories have always been spineless shitheads. Churchill only got the job (according to the film) because he was the only one the opposition would accept as leader of a coalition government.

    I don't know how anyone could function drinking with every meal and smoking like a train, but the guy made it to 91!

    I think except for the brutality of the landing scene, Saving Private Ryan was boring as fuck. Felt kind of shallow and the plot was... there but I remember nothing from it. I hate Tom Hanks so that probably factors in.

  4. On 10/23/2023 at 8:24 PM, SurgicalBrute said:

    That wasn't Songtradr, that was actually Epic who did it before the site was officially sold. Basically, the employees were told by Epic to reapply for their jobs with Songtradr, and roughly half were given job offers. Probably because Epic is financially screwed right now after getting hit with a $520 million dollar settlment, and ended up letting roughly 16% of their own staff go as well.

    ...and while I'm sure Songtradr will find some way to screw things up for the worst, it's important to note a lot of the people being let go came out of the writing and editorial department side of things. This isn't the tech people who keep the system running, it's the people who do the music promotion and review stuff on places like Bandcamp Daily....which, to me, has always been a useless waste of resources.

    And let's not forget that BC recently unionized, and by chance, a majority of the layoffs hit union actives.



    The job cuts, which SFGATE reported Monday amounted to about 60 of 118 employees, disproportionately hit union leaders, Bandcamp United told SFGATE in a Tuesday press release. Every member of the union’s eight-person bargaining team was laid off, it said, and in sum, 40 of the bargaining unit’s 67 people lost their jobs.



    On 10/23/2023 at 3:55 PM, JonoBlade said:

    As @Arioch notes, I hope that labels don't make their stuff disappear. So far as I can tell every single one of the albums I've purchased in the last 7 or 8 years is still on the app. Although I recently backed everything up anyhow. 

    At the very least, bandcamp has shown that an ethical model can be successful. I'd be fine with it if it were superseded by something else, equivalent, and metal. 

    Maybe the 50% will take all their knowledge and set up a rival. And fortify it against a similar thing happening in the future.

    I'd be onboard in an instant and cancel my bandcamp account (after backing up purchases!)

    There's a browser plugin called Batchcamp that lets you mass-download your BC purchases in your desired format. Very handy, and advisable.

    I know that Greg (?) from Woe is working on a DIY alternative to BC called Ampwall that hopefully will be good. We'll see. Someone will undoubtedly want to fill the ethical hole BC leaves.


  5. Revenant Marquis - All the pleasures of heaven


    Last and final album by the enigmatic S. At first I hated the blown-out, subterrenean production of RM but i've since come to love it. No one wuite nails the suffocating atmosphere and slightly perverse, clammy feel of the melodies. This one is probably as accessible as RM has ever sounded. Highly recommended.

  6. 8 hours ago, Dead1 said:

    Back to my teacher friend, he is now making statements that the whole pronoun thing is part of a conspiracy to turn western societies into socialist dictatorships.

    Haha that must be the most inefficient and confusing revolutionary conspiracy ever. How would that even work? By using more than two pronounce you will have the violent urge to install a socialist dictator in your country?

  7. On 10/4/2023 at 11:59 AM, Dead1 said:

    Bloody woke bastards ruined my favourite comic book character coz he is too popular with conservative white males and the military and police.



    An article written by someone calling themselves "Tyler Durden" commenting on wokeness immediately disquallifies him from any serious consideration.

    That said, this is comics,  any character can be resusicitated at any time for any reason. I wouldn't think too hard about this. Besides, depending on who writes him Punisher can be a interesting counterpoint to other Marvel characters, or a fucking slog of a revenge porn chauvanist fantasy to read through (looking at you Ennis).

  8. 8 hours ago, navybsn said:

    Where it gets troublesome is when you start adopting the same pov as the ideologies represented by the band(s). You'll see the argument that just purchasing or streaming something from a specific band is supporting their ideology. I don't agree.

    It's all personal preference as you said, but I think that by purchasing music/merch you support a douchbag person, and in effect makes it easier for him to continue spreading bullshit. It's not the same as endorsing an ideology, but it is supporting the person backing the ideology. I def. have some stuff in my collection that I bought without knowing who was behind it, but now that I know buying a new record from the bands make me feel a bit uneasy. It doesn't make a difference in the big picture as you say, but on a personal level it would feel wrong to wear a Arghoslent or Clandestine Blaze shirt. In Aspas case you know that at least some of the money he makes from his music and label most likely goes into funding neo-nazis.

  9. On 9/28/2023 at 8:22 AM, Dead1 said:

    Women complaining they have to work "twice as hard to get recognition in metal."

    And they now have special awards for women in heavy music.





    This is fucking ridiculous.  

    No women don't have to work twice as hard as men.  If your music sucks or is derivative it makes no difference if you have a dick or a pussy or whatever.

    Have you considered the possibility that "working twice as hard" not just refers to the actual work but also the fact that women most likely have a lot less degrees of freedom when it comes to presentation, skill and persistance than men? Meaning that there's very little room for them to mess up, not look perfectly presentable at all times, not have a "bad night", not being to drunk, too loud without being judged or dismissed. As well as enduring countless times being viewed as a piece of meat before reaching a level of success where they are acknowledged for their accomplishments. If a dude is a shitty singer it's on him. If a woman fucks up, it's implied that it reflects poorly on all woman. So yeah, I'd say women, still, has more of an uphill battle then men to succeed in metal. Just because men are the norm and women are considered "the other", a quaint novety.

    As such, I see no problem with special awards for women. All awards are meh anyway. And if it brings more rolemodels to young girls and women, why not? Where's the harm?

  10. Hail of Bullets - Ordered eastward

    Not only is the opening riff+drum part absolutely tits and instantly memorble. Then they follow up with another excellent marching riff at 0:42. Then the bridge at 2:45 where Dan Swanö growls "We were ordered eastward", gives me chills everytime, knowing that east was almost certain death by.... frost or war. In total, just a masterpiece of a song.


    Pink Floyd - Time

    Everyone knows this song. What makes it is of course the lyrics. Incredibly poetic and poignant, and actually carries different meanings as you grow older and you move in and out of phases of your life. The Gilmour guitar solo is of course beautiful, and the delicate vocals of Richard Wright.

  11. Das Boot is amazing, but quite slow from what I remember.

    Peter Jacksons "They shall not grow old" is a documentary using recolorized WW1 footage, but it's very good and gives a great feel of the real soldiers in the war. Not at all as sluggish as "recolorized WW1 footage" make it sound😄

  12. On 9/8/2023 at 5:30 PM, JonoBlade said:

    I couldn't imagine getting a separate pair of headphones to leave at work (which I presume is what you mean). I just got some custom IEMs from ACS which are great for commuting and in the office on the rare occasion I go in. They are basically ear plugs so I can't hear anything going on around. However, they fit so deep it is a bit of a hassle pulling them out if someone wants to talk to me. But I'd want to discourage that.

    Well since I spend 7-8 hrs a day at work, often listning to music when I'm not teaching, so it's the one place where I actually have proper listening-time. I got Bose' QC IEM's for travel and when I'm out, but I couldn't have those in my ears for so many hours without developing fucking sores or something.

    I remember the Meze 99 going around on Metal-Fi, eveyone seemed to love them. Forgot about them, I'll have a look.

  13. 22 hours ago, JonoBlade said:

    Inexplicably my daughter has decided she likes war movies.

    We watched "Dunkirk" the other day which she declared the greatest movie ever made (most recently held by Mary Poppins 2 and practically every other movie she sees until supplanted by the next).

    Any recommendations sitting in the 12-13 age rating bracket? i.e. ideally not rated 15. 

    Dunkirk was tastefully done. Didn't pull any punches but not too graphic. The soundtrack is pretty funny. Essentially the entire film is an ominous Hans Zimmer build up.

    We'll probably watch Saving Private Ryan at the weekend, even though rated 15. I recall it has some pretty grisly scenes which might be a little too much but it is a classic.

    Band of Brothers may also be approps.

    We watched the trailer for Midway and it looked like a Marvel film - just too much action over substance. So any hollywoodified examples like Pearl Harbour are best avoided.

    I watched Oppenheimer with my dad a month ago, he fell asleep somewhere in the middle, but I enjoyed it.


    Yeha the beach landing in Saving private ryan is very gory, but the whole movie is pretty disturbing emotionally with the US soldier sparing the life of the german only to slowly be murdered by him etc. If she's fine with that it's a good movie, despite Tom Hanks.

  14. On 9/5/2023 at 4:17 PM, JonoBlade said:

    Man, that is heart breaking. At 24 she really is in control of her own destiny now and the bad choices that entails. With a 13 year old we still have some sway over her use of the phone. To be honest, while I whinge about it, she isn't that bad compared to others. Mostly she just chats to school friends and listens to streaming music which is basically the same as I was at 13 with a walkman and dubbed cassette tapes. The real idiocrasy of social media hasn't kicked in yet. It's hard to know whether the toxic conflicts of 13 year old girls that have played out so far are better, worse or the same with social media accounts involved. 

    The great tragedy to me is that these kids don't have any hobbies. Just something they can call their own other than staring at a stupid screen.

    Yet, the internet is one of mankind's greatest inventions. It enables me to sit in my underpants typing a message to you while I'm supposed to be working. And I'm just as productive as I ever was.

    It enabled me to find Transfigured In A Thousand Delusions | INANNA (bandcamp.com) and transfer some money directly to them for brightening my day.

    It's better than being down a coal mine like my great grandad. He was a blacksmith, underground in t'pit.

    I think the best decision we ever made as parents was not letting our kid play games, use social media or the internet, save for streaming movies/shows. Instead we steered her into painting, LEGO, music, creating and tinkering. She's almost a teenager now and I think her mental health are all the better for it.

  15. I'm thinking of getting a new set of HP for my work office. I currently have a V-moda M100 and they're nice but the earcups are a little small and not comfortable for prolonged listening. I used to use a Philips Fidelio X1 which I loved but they have been moved to my livingroom where I listen at home.

    I'm thinking a ATH M50x, they seem to get good reviews and have large over-ear cups. Thoughts?

  16. 18 hours ago, navybsn said:

     2) I'm the guy that gets things done. Got a problem you can't solve, give it to me I'll fix it. My wife and daughter call me the "Fixer". There is no load too heavy or task too big. Producing results, being dependable, and tackling the tough stuff has gotten me a long way.

    There's a price though. I have very little "work-life balance". I never really stop working. Brain is always turning things over. There's always stress.

    I was just going to say, that type of attitude is really really hard to acheive and still have a healthy work/life balance (or a healthy, connected family life). It takes a toll. Good on you for being insightful and aware of your positives and negatives, and I'm guessing having an understanding family.

    If I didn't have a family I think I would work way too much, it's fun and I enjoy the challanges I encounter. I've had long bouts of working evenings/nights and weekends to hit deadlines or just catch up, but it's def. taken a toll on my family. Trying to scale it down to a more sustainable level now, but if I were single I think all I'd do would be work and go to concerts, haha.


  17. 5 hours ago, navybsn said:

    hesher (plural heshers) (slang) A diehard enthusiast of heavy metal music.

    "Heshers aren’t casual metalheads, they’re lifers. They don’t fold their arms or bob their heads at shows, they windmill their hair and pump their fists. They live, breathe, fight, and die for metal. And though superstition may abound that heshers are uncouth psychopaths (and some are, to be sure), the truth is that they’re just more dedicated to a brutal way of life than most."

    Term derives from Hessian, the German soldiers famous for their participation in the Revolutionary War.

    Never heard that word in my life, must be US slang?

  18. 8 hours ago, GoatmasterGeneral said:

    How can you say they're thrash? They're sort of a groovy commercial melodeath band.

    To me the first, self titled, album is thrash with hardcore vocals and a death metal production. They leaned in on the death metal aspects more with ...made me do it when it comes to the riffs and the new vocalist. But yeah, I'd say only the first album is thrash.


    I haven't been exposed to any of the hype because I don't go anywhere on the internet where anyone is talking about metal except here. But I think this 2nd Blackbraid album is excellent, I've played it a ton and it has most certainly earned itself a spot in my top 20 black metal albums of 2023.

    I think the second album is much better written than the debut. More focused songs. He's hypercommersial, sure, but he did say that the express goal is to live on his music so I'm not surprised.

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