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  1. I saw them head-line at Rockalotapus years ago near Marysville. Whitesnake was on before them, and David Coverdale seemed to be testing his vocal chops against the Metal God. Halford walked on stage and just screamed until some people had to cover their ears. I think he made his point!
  2. From the spitting pits of thrash to the angsty realms of hardcore, moshing has always felt like a key initiation step into the halls of metal. My initiation was in front of the legend himself, Rob Halford as he screamed a befitting rendition of, "Made in Hell" at the San Francisco Regency Ballroom. My father was a lean 280 pound 6'8" man who looked upon many a pit as some kind of guardian watchful for the unfortunate bully, almost like a Godzilla balancing nature. That night, I asked him if I should enter the fray and he nodded with a happy smile. I left the venue drenched in sweat with
  3. I'm an engineering major and born metalhead writing a research paper on the significance of moshing to metal fans. Thought I would join because why not technically become a member of the online community if I am writing about it. I will be starting that topic in "Deep & Meaningful" so please come contribute! > Been listening to Avatar's new album, Saxon, Nightwish, and just discovered Upon a Burning Body and Bury Tomorrow. > Manowar is the best band of all time, prove me wrong.
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