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  1. With our first full-length album, "Samsara", we hope to establish our presence in the scene. It's a short sci-fi story about cycles of death and rebith of the universe as viewed from the human perspective. With duality as the main premise, the story explores the various stages of the universe pivoted around the human presence and psyche. This is our first playthrough of the recent single Explosion Sets the Canvas (Samasara I). A thematic depiction of the birth of the universe, commonly known as the Big Bang, in terms of painting a piece of art.
  2. A very good listen indeed. And they have a great live performance!
  3. My name is Alex and I am form Nicosia, Cyprus (a small island in the southeastern edge of europe). I am interested in many things. From theoretical physics by profession, to powerlifting and music for hobbies and literature, history, philosophy and videogames for pastime. My interest in music is broad but the main styles I listen too are probably prog- rock, metal, death metal, tech death. Some of my favorite bands are Slugdge, Rivers of Nihil, Bloodbath, The Contotrionist, Animals as Leaders, Archspire, Beyond Creation, Chon, Vektor and Ne Obliviscaris. I signed up here mostly to promote my band called Reasoning Reflections(and hence the name) in which I am the lead vocalist and composer. I have never been much involved with forums before but in my most recent experience I must say I greatly regret not doing so, there is some great content hidden in here. Thanks for taking some time to read my introduction!