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  1. Gojira, Trivium, Opeth, Lamb of God, Mastodon and some other (I know some of them aren't from 2001, but the success came after that. Anyway, it's my point of view
  2. Have you tried some "white metal"? Hmmmm this is a taboo that only we (metal heads) have. You can't talk about the greatness of God using the black metal kind of playin/creating... Bullshit! The same happened with New Metal Years ago, and now Slipknot is one the greatest classic metal bands from the new millennium (I know they're from '90s) Now The rapping thing is a way to write/sing, and the black/Death will become that too. But now, I don't think there are lots of bands like that. Anyway good luck!
  3. Hello guys, I'm Allan, one piece from the (by now) duo A New Kind (as you can see). We wanted to created something which wasn't focused in one subgenre. We were (and still are) inspired by Thrash, Heavy, Prog, Death... And the rest of this marvelous thing we call Metal. And here, we'd like to get heard and have some feedback about our song (cause it's homemade) and if it sounds good. We will never know if we don't show. We're open to help in any aspects too! Feel free to talk, criticize, give your opinion. Perhaps we can become friends! That's it for now! Thanks! So, we released two songs as a demo version and there's a third, but we set that as "Unfinished Raw Version" (cause we haven't decide how the solo will look like haha) I appreciate a lot if you at least leave a comment on Rebel Nation, please! (Unfinished Raw Version) Rebel Nation: Keep Drinkin': Where The Insanity Lies: