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Ministry "AmeriKKKant"



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No matter how much you dislike Donald Trump, Ministry's overt and constant attack on his administration doesn't mean that "AmeriKKKant" is actually a good album.  I mean it isn't entirely a terrible album either but you will struggle to remember much of it after even a couple of listens, beyond the endless stream of frankly confusing and almost barrage like snippets of Trump audio bites that is, they are the only really memorable part.

It isn't really an industrial metal album either.  It sounds more like a nu-metal band got sealed into a steel drum with their instruments and got rolled down a big hill.  It doesn't come across as particular caustic or aggressive though, just a bit of a racket made in a Republican nightmare.  

Not long into the record the message you are constantly force-fed just gets bloating.  There's no rescue or reprise from it as the pace of the album is so inconsistent and frankly repetitive you have nothing else of worth to focus on as a distraction.  I mean you can be really angry and pissed off and still transfer it to audio without being boring (Body Count "Bloodlust" is a great recent example of this).

Even if Donald Trump is listening, the message of this record is that it is too mediocre a response to the true horror of his administration.  The facepalm on the cover of the album is unfortuantely all too indicative of the quality of the record itself.

2 horns out 5


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I seem to be one of the few people who correctly predicted that comedy would suck balls during this administration. Very few comedians know how to mock someone like Trump because it's way too easy to just come off as angry rather than amusing (i.e. the George Carlin dilemma) Since the start of his campaign I've counted about 7 good jokes about the man. Most of these good jibes have been either gentle jokes that create humor through stark contrast with the man's character, or searing indictments by conservative religious people who voted against him.

Anyhow, this review is interesting considering most highly ideological metal has sounded pretty shit - so much that even if I agreed with them I couldn't enjoy it. Elgibbor is a very Christian and very polemic artist but the music is pretty mediocre. I remember Jon Schaeffer's Sons of Liberty being kinda crappy, and this was back was I was really into libertarianism. Halcyon Way started sucking after their first album, and what a pity because they had some real potential.

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