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  1. Ah, so glad you got the oh so subtle reference to a sci-fi great. The Lord Of The Pies is a foul meta-being from beyond the crust. He would not hesitate to scoff the pastry clad, equine remnant of his kith an kin. The fiend would sully the universe with his malevolent matter for a sniff of a steaming meat purse. He does thank you for thy floral tribute but also stated that he would like to devour thy skin. He's like that. Black Pasty are the band and the stars of the show. However, for both Space Pasty and our original outing (see our YouTube Channel) we've collaborated with other musicians to bring forth our sonic rapture.
  2. HAIL GORBO GORBOZE! Black Pasty thank thee for thy kind words and are honoured that ye blessed our offering with a watch. Did you watch all the way to the end of credits sequence? You'll see that The Lord Of The Pies is not so easily defeated AND SHALL RETURN! We'd be very grateful if you could spread the Word Of Pasty to thy friends, acolytes and fellow warriors. We're attempting to raise funds to create an ongoing web series... so every little helps. May Thy Crust Ne'er Sag and May Thy Meat E'er Be Gravy Sodden, Black Pasty
  3. A myriad thanks good sir. Thy sage guidance is much appreciated by the unsavoury yet savoury loving curs of Black Pasty.
  4. Hail Maniacal Maniacs Of Malevolent Might, Black Pasty, the universe’s first Heavy Meat-al band, have returned hence from the nethervoid and bring with them the terrible power of SPACE PASTY. Black Pasty are hyper warriors from Beyond The Crust and 'Space Pasty' charts their journey through the cleft that lurks betwixt dimensions to do battle with their eternal nemesis, The Lord Of The Pies, and his foul minions. Black Pasty: Space Pasty - THE LINK! We beseech ye to take to thy slothing throne and absorb the succulent splendour of this latest offering. And, if ye should feel the preternatural urge to do so, unsheathe a doubloon for our crowdfunding campaign. With thy noble assistance we can bring more Black Pasty to the squirming and yearnful masses. May Thy Pastry Ne’er Sag And Be Thy Chunks Always Succulent. HAIL PASTY!