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  1. Re: RAMMSTEIN! I suppose that's opinionative on what you think is lazy then? Their lyrics are masochistic, sodomistic and just plain scary sometimes... it depends on which songs you're talking about? You can't label every single song "lazy" if you know what I mean. Heck, they've been SUED for their lyrics before! If you wanna see something better than their lyrics, look up Till Lindemann's book called "Messer".
  2. The the Soundwave and Soundwave Revolution Festivals are playing in Australia, going through most of the capital cities. The main Soundwave Festival is usually earlier in the year, but we now have the Soundwave Revolution Festival coming up and it's looking to be a cracker of a day! We have Van Halen, Machine Head, Devin Townsend Project, Alice Cooper, Danzig and Alter Bridge just to name a few... I'm fkin pumped! Machine Head are going to tear the place up, followed by Devin Townsend Project? *drools* Check out the lineup here: http://www.soundwavefestival.com/ Hope to see some of the Aussies in the Pit!! Woo hoo!
  3. Arguably THE BEST LIVE ACT in the world. They have flamethrowers, lasers, exploding baby dolls, crowd surfing in an inflatable boat, flamethrowers strapped to their face, air jets shooting from the floor, fireworks shooting off their arms, huge metal wings shooting fire from the top, more flamethrowers shooting out over the audience, awesome dynamic backdrops, band members getting fireworks poured over themselves in bathtubs... fkin everything. Did I mention anything about FIRE? Hahahah! I'm a HUGE Rammstein fan. I've seen them Live seven times now... three times here in Australia at the 2011 Big Day Out Festival and four times in America in May 2011 in Seattle, San Fransisco, LA & Vegas. Yeah, I travelled to the OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET to see Rammstein. These guys put 110% into their shows... their music is unique and you can tell straight away that it's Rammstein (obviously singing in German is obvious, but there's plenty of German metal bands kicking around). I've personally MET the band members whilst in Seattle for a "Meet and Greet" that I won on their Rammstein Community Forums too... best day of my life. Paul (Rhythm Guitarist) remembers our "Rammstein Community Australia" banner from the Big Day Out too... hugely awesome. They're the nicest people ever... they don't make you feel nervous when you meet them and are willing to crack jokes too! Besides their music being fantastic as well as their Live concerts backing it up, it's great to see that you DON'T need to sing in English to be successful in this world. Anyone's thoughts would be awesome
  4. Re: Deathstars Love these dudes... the best way I describe this band is like "Rammstein, Cradle of Filth & Marilyn Manson all in one" My favourite song would have to be Cyanide
  5. Best Live Concert Ever Seen!
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