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  1. Hi thanks for the reply. I searched for some funeral doom and gave it a listen. Yes more variation. I quite like some of it. Operatic metal is a phrase I have come across while listening to symphonic metal.
  2. Hi markm Thank for your post. Yes I sometimes think this is crazy in a good way as to how it has all expanded. I will remember the word metalverse! I love Hildegard Von Bingen which is spiritual music by a thirteenth century nun which relaxes me. A while ago I was listening to ambient metal by Sunn O)) which relaxed me. Maybe it shows loudness and softness can have the same effect depending on how it is created??
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply. Yes the music was so new at the time as well there was perhaps more of a generation gap at the end of the sixties. I met a music teacher I know recently and I was surprised she recommended me to listen to symphonic metal. I did and I liked it more than I thought I would. While looking it up I encountered Operatic metal phew! Where does it end. Operatic metal have great vocalists. Yes I will look up funeral.doom thanks
  4. Hi Sheol Thanks for your reply Yes I only discovered last year who Gene Krupa was and that he was one of Bill Wards major influences. I will look up Dick Dale.
  5. Just to let you know. I first saw Black Sabbath in 1972 at the local Civic Hall for 80 pence. They were the first band I saw and were like a local band with a recent hit single. I loved the sound and saw them four times. Once Van Halen were the support act. As well there is a story that one of Metallica founders came to Stourbridge not far from where I lived and was inspired by the band Diamond Head. The manager of Diamond head used to go to my local wine bar in Wolverhampton. I remember well at the time older members of families saying “oh they won’t last”. As well, Robert Plant used to go to the clubs in my local town and I remember a family member of a particular family saying “oh yes these so called musicians with their so called musical instruments.” Zeppelin was seen as more hard rock by some but still relevant to what I want to say. As well this was the time of progressive rock and some prog rock fans were a bit snooty when comparing Sabbath to the of course prog rock bands. Also some not all folkies (fans of folk music were a bit snooty towards heavy metal and hard rock) For some Led Zeppelin were regarded as prog rock and I remember the comment well Zeppelin are good Sabbath are trashy. I like all kinds of music so would not call myself a total metal head but have always loved Sabbath and the occasional track by other bands, e.g Metallica Sepultura. I saw the film of Sabbaths last concert at the local arts centre and for a couple of days was floating on the genius of their riffs! However I knew the genre had spread but not to the extent I am discovering on the internet. It is like the World Wide Web of metal. I am so in awe, touched and fascinated by it all and the fact that the music that was said to be trashy and would not last has lasted and gone so worldly and diverse. The range of metal bands include: Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal, African Metal, Sitar Metal, Chinese Metal, Mongolian Metal, Ambient Metal (yes ambient metal ) Japanese Metal, Baby Metal, Caribbean Metal, Doom Metal, Christian Metal, Nu Metal, Industrial Metal, Metal yoga, Belly dancing metal and more. As well I went to the first Home of Metal conference which was local. It was attended by academics. I mean “Did it all cum frum Brum” translation (the question to ask would be did this fluid genre originate from Birmimgham ) Should we have an Anthropological definition? heavy metal “is a contested and controversial marker of both cultural resistance and subcultural conformity, offering a resource that enables individualized identity formation and collective practices” (Kahn-Harris, 2011: 209). Or should we have a Post Modern perspective? Could we say Brum planted the seed and now the post modern bit that is the rhizome seed concept (it changes and goes places and grows and changes) Or Rebecca Day, Lecturer in Music Analysis, writes "within music criticism, postmodernism is seen to represent a conscious move away from the perceptibly damaging hegemony of binaries such as aestheticism/formalism, subject/object, unity/disunity. Lol! Whatever‼ the reason I am writing this is that a I am touched by how it has all grown and expanded given it was so put down when I was young. It is weird how far it has all gone. As well I am on such a learning curve!
  6. Hi I saw Black Sabbath in the early 70’s and have always liked some types of metal. I am fascinated by discovering new stuff. Hi to you all.
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