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    Hey, I'm Faeryn wolf! I'm a symphonic metal singer, and am in a band called Immortus. I do solo work as well. I am also a practicing herbalist and witch. I live in New England currently, but am hoping to move to Europe when the pandemic ends!
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    Easthampton, Massachusetts
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    Singing, baking, gardening, hiking, traveling, going to concerts

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  1. Hey! Im Faeryn Wolf, and I'm new to the community here! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a performer in a symphonic metal band called Immortus, and do solo work as well. In addition to being a singer, I am also a practicing herbalist and witch. I am currently living in Massachusetts, but am hoping to move to somewhere in Europe when the pandemic ends. Besides performing, other hobbies/things I enjoy include baking, gardening, writing, hiking and traveling, and above all, going to see live music! I am on here to connect with fellow musicians, metal fans, and to make new friends both nearby
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