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  1. Trying to get a band together. All original music. Looking for drummer singer and bass. I already have the name and drawing the album cover just need you to bring your talent! Serious inquiries only and yes must be willing to tour obviously
  2. Hey guys, new here. Looking for dedicated band mates to form a doom/power metal band. I need a vocalist, no growls, just singing. Also need a drummer and bassist. I am the guitarist as well as the back up vocalist and songwriter. I have about 18 song ideas, and I have about 10 of them ready fully ready with lyrics and everything. Thats the first album already to go. I also have the band name and I am currently drawing the first album cover as well. yes this is my life yes there is a lot of creativity, that will not be an issue and there will not be a dead end... looking to rock the stage ASAP! The idea of the bands direction is parallel with Morgana Lefay, Candlemass, Iced Earth, and Pyramaze. If you are Unfamiliar with those bands please look them up and atleast you will have a few new legends to listen too! hope everyone is doing well with the situation of the world. Lets get the shows on and metal flowing again! also. if you are not from Tampa I would be willing to travel/move, even to North Eastern Europe. I am that serious...
  3. Hey man, saw this post looking for a power/doom metal vocalist. Roy kahn is one of my favorites. I write a lot of the content, would like to hear a bit how you sound