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  1. Alright... It's time for a little tutorial that no-one has done before. How to be a NWOTHM (New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal) band (i.e. Enforcer, Cauldron, Blade killer, Skull fist, Holy grail, stallion, striker etc.) STEP 1 Harmonize those fucking guitars. In the intro, in the solo, in the outro, everywhere. Harmonize the fucking guitars. without out this your sound will be very thin and have less interest for the listener. If you do plan on performing live, which why wouldn't you, you're a fucking band, then get 2 or 3 guitar players. And make sure one of the guitarists can sing, otherwise you'll have like 7 people on stage. Maybe good for slipknot and Foo Fighters but they are not NWOTHM. STEP 2 LISTEN TO TRADITIONAL HEAVY METAL BANDS. Listen to bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Saxon, Motorhead, Black sabbath, Dio, Scorpions, Venom, etc. If you don't know the traditional wave how will you be the new wave? Go out and get screaming for vengeance, power slave, denim and leather, holy diver, sabbath bloody sabbath, love at first sting, black metal, kill em all or other traditional albums. These are my suggested albums to check out and listen constantly because they have the basic sound you'll be expanding on. STEP 3 Now it's time for the attire. Look at the old bands, wear that or something close. Leather, denim, studs, spikes, bullets and, aviators. Don't be afraid to look at new bands and dress like them too. Cauldron is a great example of a band that looks like they jumped right out of the 70s. Enforcer is also a great reference band. If you're too lazy to look for yourself, what you're looking for is white high tops, leather boots, converse, skin tight jeans, band shirts (sleeveless), leather jacket, bullet belts, studded belts, spiked/studded bracelets. This is what you should wear both onstage and off. And don't be afraid to accessorize. I mean skull rings, cross necklaces, pentagram necklaces, any satanic jewelry. STEP 4 Fast drums in the beginning/ main riff of the song, slow during rest of the song. You want something that will punch you in the face, let you rest, and then punch you even harder. This also helps live live. If the audience can hear afterwards then you aren't loud enough. Fast, FAST, F A S T... You want speed to rip faces off. STEP 5 Do this genre how you want to. It's still an up and coming genre. If you're in a band that plays NWOTHM, you're making history by shaping a new path for metal that nobody has ever seen before. All the people who say you sound like this band or that band don't realize that's a compliment to these bands. They are trying to revive the old sound at whatever mean possible. The genre will be revived by 2030. I promise that.